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2010 Decade Analysis of Top 6 Biggest Superstar,open for a surprise

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Decade (2010-2019) Top 5 stars based on BO:

AkshayKumar ~ 2910** cr(33)

Avg 88.189cr

SalmanKhan ~ 2730** cr(15)

Avg 182cr

AjayDevgn ~ 1740 cr(23)

Avg 75.65cr

ShahRukhKhan ~ 1360 cr(12)

Avg 113.333cr

AamirKhan ~ 1290 cr(7)

Avg 184.28cr

HrithikRoshan ~ 1184.14(10)

Avg 118.4cr

Akki sir will emerge First ever Superstar in history to cross 3000cr decade with average of 88.

Decade (2010-2019) Top 5 stars as per footfalls draw:

(# of movies in bracket)

Akshay Kumar~32.75**cr (33)

Avg ffs 0.992cr

Salman Khan ~ 32.21**cr (15)

Avg ffs 2.147cr

AjayDevgn ~ 21.5 cr (23)

Avg ffs 0.934cr

ShahRukhKhan ~ 15.7 cr (12)

Avg ffs 1.308cr

AamirKhan ~ 13.2 cr (7)

Avg ffs 1.885cr

HrithikRoshan ~ 12.85 cr (10)

Avg ffs 1.285cr

Biggest Hit of the Decade Dangal

Biggest grosser of the decade Dangal

Biggest opener of the decade War

Biggest weekend of the decade Sanju

Biggest week of the decade Sultan

Most 20cr Single day Salman 41

Most 30cr Single day Salman 18

Most 100cr Salman

Most 200cr Salman

Most 300cr Salman

Most Bumper openers Salman 7

Most Record openers Salman 4

Most Record weekend Salman 7

Most Record week Salman 5

Most Hgoty Salman 5

1- Despite having Movies like Veer, Jaiho, Tubelight, Race3 and Bharat included Salman's average ffs per movie this decade is more than Akki's career biggest hit.

2-Aamir delivered 3 ATG this decade which has been never happened before.

3- This is Akshay sir best decade in terms of footfalls garnered by a margin.

4- Hrithik and Srk had a good decade overall due to underperformace in last 3 years.
Source Link: BOI
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OMG look at Salman's average footfalls. Totally outstanding. Agar D3 sirf ye average number bhi achieve karle to festival pricing ke saath 250cr kar sakti hai.

BTW bro good work but I would suggest some better formatting like making certain things bold so that post is easier to read.

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In Real Terms Footfalls And Collection Wise


Benchmarks In 2010s Decade

Highest Grosser Of The Decade- Dangal

Highest Nett Grosser Of The Decade- Dangal

Biggest Hit Of The Decade- Dangal

Highest Distributor Share- Dangal

Records In Most Circuits- PK (All 13 Circuit Record Breaker)

Highest Gross Opening Day- Thugs Of Hindostan

Highest Nett Opening Day- War

Biggest Opening Day Of Decade- Dhoom 3

Highest Opening Weekend- Sanju

Highest Opening Week- Sultan


by Executive Producer (63.3k points)

& Akshay Kumar will no way feature in Top 3 without any opening or lifetime benchmarks and big blockbusters. 12 Hits diya hai 33 movies se matlab still 21 non hits.
Boi star rankings mein toh Khans top3 rahenge.
Real time box office and ffs ke maamle mein bhi
Akshay Aamir ke niche rahega uska peak 2018 se hi hua hai usse pehle gareeb tha.


Nahi Eak Hi Baat Nahi Hai Not Atleast Distributor Share BOI In Sabka Alag Column Banake Rakha Hai

Top 3 Mei 3 Khans Pukka Hai In Terms Of Stardom Rankings, Keval 2 Saal Ke Dum Pe Akshay Top 3 Mei Nahi Aa Payega, Srk Hi Rahega 3rd Pe.

In Real Terms Of Collections And Footfalls Akshay IMO Should Be At No. 2, Bcz Gap Is High Here Even If We Take No. Of Films Into Consideration Unlike Comparision Of Aamir With Shahrukh And Ajay

Overall In Terms Of Box Office Salman Tops By A Distance But For 2nd Spot There Isn't Much To Choose Between Akshay And Aamir, One Has Huge Volume, Other Has Huge Magnitude, Salman Has Both!


Maybe but the movie which has highest nett in most likehood will have highest distributor share.
Yeah akki has turned the tides in last 3 years but boi list wise it should be 3 Khans topping them all.


@roman Not 12 but 14 hits and good news will be his 15th hit and 22nd successful film this dacade.

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Dabangg, Bodyguard,ETT, Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Tzh - 5 hgoty , achieved by only 4 Superstars in whole career

by Producer (113k points)

Hope Dabangg 3 6th This Decade............



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If only HR had taken things a little more seriously through out the decade, he could have done so much better.

by Mega Star (225k points)

Better late than never 2019 was a great year for him he should build on this he could easily be the top star after khans

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