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There was two sides to this ego clash.

We are aware of the one side, where Reshma Shetty tried to come between Salman Khan & family that how Salman Khan gives importance to his family that he had to fire her. Reshma Shetty's team Matrix that managed not just the Megastar Salman Khan but also did hell of a job in managing Sanjay Dutt, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Katrina Kaif, Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt, Sidharth Malhotra. She even helped out launching Sooraj Pancholi & Athiya Shetty but her refusal to back them up post their launch was one of the reasons.

Not many remember, KJo's Dharma Productions played an important role and the fire was started back in 2012. Reshma had already got Salman Khan to sign a 3 film deal with YRF. KJo had freshly appointed her to manage Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt & Sidharth Malhotra in a gesture to have Salman Khan sign a deal with Dharma Productions. While the infamous, Son of Sardaar vs Jab Tak Hai Jaan fight broke through, Salman Khan yet to mend his friendship with Shah Rukh Khan appeared in a special appearance in Son of Sardaar. The statement made was clear. But the deal between Dharma and Salman Khan didn't materialize (Read Shuddhi) mainly because Salman Khan was more invested in bringing out his Salman Khan Films (brand name) mainstream as the Salman Khan Being Human Productions stayed away from the limelight for far too long.

Reshma did convince Salman Khan to come on board for co-producing Kesari starring Akshay Kumar with Dharma Productions. In the meantime, Ajay Devgn had announced his Sons of Sardaar based on the same story. Post this, Salman Khan as a true friend not wanting to betray Ajay Devgn, promptly backed out of the project. Remember, Salman Khan had attended 2.0 launch just for Karan Johar and Akshay Kumar in the insistence of Reshma Shetty. We are aware of the ugly fight during Shivaay and ADHM.

This led to Reshma Shetty refusing to back Sooraj Pancholi and Athiya Shetty which triggered Salman Khan. He had vowed to start his own talent acquisition and management team. What he didn't expect was Reshma Shetty going full out against Salman Khan and team. The first blow came with the negativity against Tubelight. Reshma knew, Tiger Zinda Hai was the last film with YRF for Salman Khan as per the 3 film deal. The Dancing Dad film planned by him was lacking all sort of preparation and Salman Khan himself felt he needed more time to get the right padding for the film and in turn safeguarding his close aids - Daisy Shah and even Ramesh Taurani. When Salman Khan had to put Dancing Dad on hold, he had no new films in had except Kick 2 & his Da-Bangg Tour helmed by Sohail Khan's company.

Now, Salman Khan thought he had the dates enough for the tour while Reshma Shetty refused to provide any. This led to lot of bad blood between them. And once Tubelight happened, Salman Khan had already fired her but the anti-tactics she used against the film, the COO Amar Butala stood blind eyed which also led to Amar Butala being fired post failure of Tubelight. The losses did cost Salman Khan reputation dearly. Though there was respite with TZH, Reshma had the game on post TZH.

The planned negativity has continued. She got hired by Akshay Kumar. The rest is history. Salman Khan has managed himself with his close aides till 2020. He immediately greenlit Dabangg 3 along with Bharat. Both home productions. Put Kick 2 on the backburner. The whole EID 2020 fiasco with Inshallah made the ugly spat visible to all. Salman Khan & team has accepted the fight, taking them head on for EID 2020 with Radhe. Salman Khan got Sohail Khan on board as co-producer along with sister Alvira and brother Atul Agnihotri as they held the rights for the original version. Prabhudeva was the available option for both Dabangg 3 and Radhe. Well, it is not easy to find a director in short time and it definitely isn't as easy as asking Katrina Kaif to come on board in last minute.

While, Salman Khan has managed to take on the fight, head on, his starrers have been profit ventures on the table itself be it Race 3, Bharat or Dabangg 3 along with the successful Da-Bangg Tour. The problem exists with his production team launching new talent. While Loveyatri got some traction, being a bad film bombed. Notebook being a much better film than both Hero and Loveyatri, bombed due to the lack of any sort of traction pre-release. The onus of which falls right on the Salman Khan Films team in not giving a proper launch.

So coming decade is a new phase for The Brand Salman Khan. He has safeguarded his brand with having Radhe for 2020 and Kick 2 on the waiting list. But it is also true, outside the home productions, it is only Sajid Nadiadwala's film that has been greenlit. The split with Boney Kapoor was never going to hurt but Salman Khan's current team hasn't really succeeded in going big post Reshma Shetty's departure. The Dharma Productions sign-up will not happen. The Sanjay Leela Bhansali rift has put a dent on THE BRAND Salman Khan.

2019 -

Non-Holiday release - NOTEBOOK [Salman Khan Films, Cine1 Studios]

EID release - BHARAT [Salman Khan Films, Reel Life Production Pvt Ltd & T-Series]

X-Mas release - DABANGG 3 [Salman Khan Films, Arbaaz Khan Productions & Saffron Broadcast & Media Limited]

2020 -

EID release - RADHE [Salman Khan Films, Reel Life Production Pvt Ltd, Sohail Khan Productions]

Waiting List -

KICK 2 - Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment
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I have shared this on Twitter.


It also goes on to show that Twitter is also fan of your writing.
You write far better than any trade analyst or journalist out there..
Everyone needs to know actually what happened between them.


@Roman thanks for sharing. I'm not on Twitter anymore. I just searched Salman Khan there over a random visit & was surprised to see the tweet. I recognized Tanveer by his reply. Good to know you posted it.


Yeah Tanveer, tiger we are all connected there.
It was my pleasant to post it there, Twitter is very short of very knowledgeable person like you. Just checked it, it has 2K impressions and 400 link clicks.
So even Twitter likes your writing.

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'So coming decade is a new phase for The Brand Salman Khan. He has safeguarded his brand with having Radhe for 2020 and Kick 2 on the waiting list. But it is also true, outside the home productions, it is only Sajid Nadiadwala's film that has been greenlit. The split with Boney Kapoor was never going to hurt but Salman Khan's current team hasn't really succeeded in going big post Reshma Shetty's departure. The Dharma Productions sign-up will not happen. The Sanjay Leela Bhansali rift has put a dent on THE BRAND Salman Khan.'

the answer is there, sallu and dharma collaboration is next to impossible. though, for karan money matters the most but reshma will never let that happen. a movie with slb is not going to happen after the fallout. slb next 2 scripts are locked. sajid-sallu will be coming together after 7 years for kick 2, in the meantime he did 3-4 movies with akshay.

so whats next? home productions? dabangg sequels? korean remakes? that's certainly not the way. even if akshay clashes everytime with sallu, akshay has nothing to loose. he do 3-4 movies a year. sallu projects are safe for him, but the perception changes with movies like tl, race 3. according to public perception race 3 is a flop and bharat is average. after reshma departure, sallu is yet to give a big hit. tzh was part of the deal in which reshma played a vital role. at this moment, sallu should concentrate on his career rather than his family members and pancholis mancholis. else he will loose this battle too soon.

a hirani movie is not going to happen, atleast in the near future. will shetty work with him since he is close to karan now? if salman acted as a true friend, then what about ajay? he just went and shook hands with karan. shetty will never go against ajay. so ajay needs to payback the goodwill. will t3 happen? if yes, then when? who will direct it? a movie with kabir? or there are differences? or simply, sallu will go for south directors like pd and puri?

sallu is the biggest star at the moment. he should respect that tag, use his mind and take the necessary big steps. his team is so incompetent that they can't properly promote d3, leave alone battling the negativity from reshma.

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expecting pancholi and athiya to make it big is bullshit. whatever they have got till date is more than what they deserve.
and how sallu will help them if he himself is going down with each passing day? he should focus on his career, sign some big directors and big projects with yrf and nge. these home productions are b grade stuff. with each outing they have destroyed the brand dabangg. they have made joke of characters. bharat and tl were super boring and a superstar with image like sallu should stay away from these type of movies esp tl.
race 3 should be declared as blunder of the decade. rushed decisions. do you have any idea what will happen if gn/lb does more than d3/radhe?


Making it big is upto the individual with proper support. That support has to be provided while they prove with their talent. Sooraj Pancholi undoubtedly is a hero material.

No actor ever has lived as no.1 forever. Currently, couple of underperformers doesn't mean he is down. The table profit is simply ginormous. Now that he has taken over distribution too, he has a game plan set. He is already 53, what does he have to achieve? The brands have faded coz obviously they will all want younger faces. Bigg Boss well I don't know how & why, but has become a big success. Since he doesn't have kids of his own, he is investing on the ones who are dear to him & believes in.

If Salman films fails opposite the others, the other star will rise to the top. This is no war. If someone is growing big, their hardwork is paying off. It's not like Salman's work doesn't have any hardwork or conviction. If you keep everything up, still the age is bound to catch up. Right now, Salman is giving it all keep his dominance intact. Our's is the only industry where actor is bigger than production houses. By actor I mean the superstar actor. Eventually the production houses will be the ones with true power. These talent agency are only middlemen.

Salman did truly believe in Tubelight. It backfired, immediately he declared he won't repeat it. Lot of cars was taken for Bharat to avoid it going Tubelight way. The efforts are there to see. Dabangg 3 & Radhe wouldn't have happened back to back with the ego clash at it's peak. Salman for himself has already built a name/brand. It is about what he will do for others.


he is a brand so he should do b grade movies? will he be able to defeat them by doing such stuff? instead of d3 and radhe, do one proper big commercial movie with a good director, touch that 300-350cr and everything will be alright. doing 3 b grade and superboring movies in 20 months is not the way. also as per akkians his manager is not reshma, someone called zenobia and sallu left kesari bcoz karan refused to launch super talented ayush sharma.


@Godfather Matrix has several of them. Reshma isn't personally handling all the stars.

He tried Bharat. Now he is going into his zone which his audience preferred so Dabangg 3 & Radhe. He was breaking the monotony with Inshallah but that fell through. Radhe is coming on EID only due to the conflict with Reshma & party.

The big budget action will Kick 2 whenever the script is ready.

Salman Khan left Kesari because he was not informed it being based on same story as Sons of Sardaar. Even Rajkumar Santoshi's version got shelved. When the plan was to launch Aayush in Loveyatri, why would they opt for Karan?

That 300-350cr numbers cannot be planned. Not just for Salman but anyone in the industry.

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Take Screenshot.....

Radhe And Laxmi Bomb Clash Not Happen. Radhe Released Solo And Laxmi Bomb Release One Week Later.....

by Assistant Director (52.2k points)

Well that was always the plan even with Inshallah on right.

+2 votes

Reshma shetty isn't stopping him from signing good movies with talented people.. she isn't making him do shitty movies.. she isn't the one who is hosting the most talked about show... She isn't the megastar... It's all Salman.. its all his success and failure.. he's not some chump who can be manhandled like this.. he's salman khan.. he has himself to blame for this low period... No one's stopping him from making decent projects but himself.. get this, the guy sings and writes when he's not even one bit good at it.. uski akal thikane nahi hai.. isme Reshma shetty ka hath nahi hai

Let him make a good movie.. yeh jo queen hai.. bhakhari kehlayegi

by Assistant Director (53.9k points)

exactly. spot on


Nobody directly approaches Salman Khan or any other star for that matter. It is always through the agency representing them. Right from movie offers to ads to even public appearances. Heck, even the posts they make on social media is through this.

So yeah, to work with Salman Khan, one has to write a character + film for him (same demand by any bigger stars) & Salman Khan right now is the most expensive actor for any production to hire as he takes away much from the profit too which nowadays is not limited to theatrical business. Only a bigger production house like YRF or Dharma can have a say otherwise none of the production house will get a say in satellite rights as well as streaming rights as Salman Khan has already signed a deal for a hefty amount which he won't be sharing with any.

He is not being manhandled. Be it Reshma's agency or any agency, will easily push their actors, offering much much lesser quote than Salman Khan to the production houses to begin with. There is no way Salman Khan will want his team to approach Dharma productions. They will approach YRF as Salman Khan Films consistently is signing distribution deals with them. Even there their biggest 2020 film has gone to Akshay Kumar. Even Aamir's 3 film deal is done & dusted - Fanaa, Dhoom 3 & Thugs of Hindostan. They are hesitating to work with Shah Rukh Khan due to his business model even if he doesn't force them to accept RCE as co-producer. Infact the Khans have this model but on a larger scale unlike Akshay Kumar or Ajay Devgn. YRF revived Hrithik Roshan with WAR. And they've the younger bunch with them already.

SLB well there's one more lost cause. So, Salman Khan has only Sajid Nadiadwala, Rajshri & Ramesh Taurani currently. Otherwise it's all his brothers & sister's home production. Even lining up Nikhil Dwivedi's home production to join hands with him for D3. Tied up with Cine1 Studios a much smaller production house for Notebook. Infact Salman Khan bought them on board not just due to rights but as a Goodwill for backing Sooraj Pancholi's second film Satellite Shankar. There's a dearth of able film productions that can afford The Salman Khan. How to play this is upto the Salman Khan's management.

In the end, Reshma Shetty & co are never going to fight with Salman Khan directly. Their aim is Salman's management. The way Bollywood works changed 15 years ago. The seniors did adapt themselves, the successful ones. The one who couldn't like the Deols bit the dust.

So you say talented people. Lot goes on to that. In the end, you only work with what you've been offered. Just because one doesn't suit ones taste, they become talentless. At the start of the decade, the same complaining people used to praise the ones surrounding Khan back then. Sure Salman needs to worry about yes men as they'll bring them down. Otherwise after 32 years in the industry, don't think he needs lesson on how to survive in Bollywood.

And Salman Khan singing is only for the fans. Yes, his spat with Sonu Nigam led to him take it upon his ego, came strongly with Hangover & Main Hoon Hero Tera becoming chartbusters. Rest all is up for pleasing his own fans & a way to make money. Salman sings so that he can use his versions for the Dabangg tours & award show performances, in that way the revenue stays with him & doesn't need to be shared with the singers & music label more than he used to share early.

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Jo Bhi Ho Entertainment Puri Milne Wali Hai Iss Fight Mei

Ofcourse Salman Khan Is Bigger Than All Such Managers Put Together Even When Not At His Peak But Then He Needs To Keep Selecting Right Scripts Or Else He Will Only Make Job Easier For Biggest Manager Industry Has Ever Seen Reshma Masss Shetty, She Is Vile And Cunning Lady. Also Her Huge Contributions In Salman's And Akshay's Peak In 2010s Decade Cant Be Overlooked Which Shows Her Huge Capabilities.

On A Side Note I Hope Aamir Gives Her Entire Profit He Earned From Dangal And Sign Her For Entire 2020s Decade (poolparty)

by Executive Producer (63.3k points)

Wouldn't it be a huge loss making move for Aamir Khan? Hiring Reshma for an entire decade when he would hardly star in half a dozen films at max?


He Would Surely Do 8 Films In 2020s Decade If Not More (He Does 3 Films In 4 Yrs), So If Not Entire Profit He Can Atleast Give Her Half The Profit, She Can Get Best Projects For Him, Most Importantly Do Lot Of PR Work To Improve His Image Among General Public As Well As On Social Media, Get Articles Written Praising Him On Trade Sites/ By Trade Ananlyst, Also She Can Influence Him To Increase His Volume (dance)


Most Importantly Do Lot Of PR Work To Improve His Image

Why do you even think he needs image building? Yes the issue will continue in terms of religion and that is for all of them and Reshma or anybody cannot do anything.

Get Articles Written Praising Him On Trade Sites/ By Trade Ananlyst

Why would Aamir Khan push for it now?

Aamir won't increase the volume. My guess, he is gonna decrease his volume further. Post Laal Singh Chaddha, he will invest entirely on that Gulshan Kumar biopic. Don't expect that to take less than 2 years in making + release.


Hahah I Know Aamir Wont Be Doing These PR Things Its Just My Wishful Thinking, When He Didn't Do In Younger Days Then Why Would He Do When He Is In Last Decade Of His Stardom

May Be, But He Will Have Vikram Vedha 1st In 2021 Then He Would Have Mogul In 2023, As Per Reports He Would Do That Remake 1st. Also I Haven't Seen Him Doing Less Than 3 Films In 4 Years Even When His Volume Has Gone Down Since He Took 2 Years Break Bcz Of Divorce In 2002-03!

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Nobody progresses without opposition, hopefully Salman uses this to the fullest

by Producer (114k points)
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I call her the queen... Because ... She's the only who stood upto salman khan and had the last laugh... Never before has anyone hurt salman Khan this much in a ego clash.... Most of them usually back down...
Shahid kapoor John abraham srk vivek Oberoi arijit Singh mithoon aishwarya rai ... All of these literally had their successful careers handed over to them after Salman Khan's clash with them... But there is only one who not only challenged him to bring him down... But she has cost him probably 100cr+ through negative campaigns and movie deals falling out... And she's been winning since years... After all what is it that she has to lose... She's just a manager... But he is vulnerable... As all fingers are / will be pointing towards him if he doesn't play by rules... Specially keeping in mind his image... Salman khan is a family mahn stuck in world of reshma shettys and karan johars...

To answer your question... Its been a single sided match till now with the Queen reshma sherry winning... And she'll continue to win.... As long as there is salman khan in Bollywood.... As the team handling salman Khan's affairs is his incompetent family... Those people are amateurs in professional harsh world... Where reshma shettys exist.... Who will get whatever they want by hook or by crook... Salman Khan's family managing his showbiz affairs as perfectly as megastar needs.... is like training an elephant to climb a tree...
Reshma shetty will continue to gorilla attack salman Khan until his acting career is done and there is being human branded lock on front gate of his production house... Unless... Salman khan asks for a cease fire... From. The queen...

by Super-star (198k points)

Sound interesting..

0 votes

Reshma shetty cannot damage Salman unless he chooses to damage his own self like SRK. I wont comment on D3 till the movie comes out but if he makes choices like race 3, then he cannot blame anyone.

by Mega Star (226k points)

Yeah.. salmans team may bring projects for him but its upto him.. everything's upto him.. he is in that position

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Sad to see that even top Bollywood actors are struggling to get good management teams around them. And Salman's insistence on working with his own family production houses is affecting him. Should at least sign one more 3 movie deal with YRF.

And I also think that ego war choro aur apne career pe focus karo. Big party always has more to lose in clash. Ab to Radhe ban hi rahi hai, but isske baad thora careful rehna chahiye. With more time for proper development, Radhe could have been a huge blockbuster for Salman. Now I think it might be a loose remake of Wanted.

Aur Reshma ka to jitna bolo kam hai. Yes I agree that she doesn't get all credit for Salman's rise, but she played a major part. Just look a what she did for Akki. I would be more than happy if SRK gets rid of Pooja and signs her instead. At least movie ko to sahi se judge karna aata hai usse.

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