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Renowned sound editor Nimish Pilankar passed away at the young age of 29 in Mumbai. According to reports, Nimish suffered from high blood pressure, which resulted in brain haemorrhage.

Nimish's first project in Bollywood was Salman Khan's Race 3. He went on to work in films like Housefull 4, Bypass Road, Marjaavan and others.

From directors to actors, no known personality from the Hindi film industry has commented on Nimish's death at the time of filing this report.

Nimish's death has triggered a debate on Twitter, with people saying that unfixed, long working hours put a lot of pressure on sound technicians.

Actor Vipin Sharma wrote, "Many techs work over time n rarely get paid for that. Its terrible. Afraid to lose work they stay quiet n keep working. Many times they may not get fully paid as well while they already accept to work for less money in the first place. Rest in Peace Nimish Pilankar."

Director and producer Mrunalinni Patil wrote, "SOUND TECHNICIAN, NIMISH PILANKAR, aged 29, has passed away...of high blood pressure leading to brain haemorrhage. Point is; does anyone care? Technicians contribute silently n immeasurably to Bollywood cinema. They work long hours coz they love cinema. Do they get credit."

Nimish's death has highlighted the work culture of the Hindi film industry once again. Race 3 was Nimish's first major Bollywood project. He has also worked on films like Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga, Kesari and Jalebi.

Source Link: https://www.indiatoday.in/movies/celebrities/story/housefull-4-and-race-3-sound-editor-nimish-pilankar-dies-at-29-1622385-2019-11-25
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That's so sad, Stars get away with Hundred of crores every year but they don't even get paid.
It's actually the real pay disparity but media won't highlight , they will never forget to ask for Pay disparity between Star Hero and heroines but never cared for them because this won't garner hits.
I saw Akshay, Rakul and many more tweeting about his death.

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RIP .. Nimish Pilanker

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RIP...................... Irrespective of what films he worked on... may his soul rest in peace

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