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First Pakistani ISI Agent Zoya found her love in Raw Agent Tiger, they betrayed their own country. They recently saved 40 nurses in Syria but She's now romancing Major Vihan Singh Shergil of the Indian Army who lead a covert Operation against a group of militants who attacked a base in Uri, Kashmir, in 2016 and Killed many Soldiers.

They are now going to betray Tiger and Tiger is motivated to catch them. He's heartbroken lover with full of vengeance.

Salman will play the role of Radhe in and as Tiger

Katrina will play herself in and as Zoya

Vicky kaushal has no fcuking relation with Real Major in and as Major Vihan Singh Shergil

Tiger 3 will unfold what India's Deadliest Spy can do heartbroken, he can go anylength to catch them.

Source Link: The Great Roman
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Kat mam ki make out ki list badi hoti jaa rahi hai
Hrithik (During her relationship with Ranbir)
Sid Malhotra
Now Vicky:x
Budhape mein Choice kharab hota ja raha.


Its Shameful That Actress Who Has Been In Relationship With Salman And Ranbir Has Now Gone Down To Lowest Level And Chosen Vicky What A Shame Budhape Mei Bhi Uske Liye Young Aur Handsome Laundon Ki Line Lag Jayegi

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