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The best box office record for a star(male or female) in hindi films is held by the legendary Dilip Kumar.The thespian had 57 releases as male lead of which 22 were hits(A1 or better).27 films were Semi Hits to Coverage and just 10 flops.The biggest surprise is that he managed to deliver the biggest grossers in 1981,1982,1986 and 1991 when he was in his second innings as an actor.(BOI)
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Q. Based on the box office, popularity, respect and charisma please name 3 biggest actors of all time. As per me it is 1.Amitabh Bachchan 2.Dilip Kumar 3.Dharmendra

A. You could be right. Based on purely box office record Dilip Kumar stands way ahead as his is by far the best box office record with 80% of his films being successes and nearly 50% outright hits.


He will have close to 30 hits ..

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Dilip Kumar As Per Latest Update Of Old BOI Had 24 Hits, 5 Semi Hits And 4 Average

Means He Will Atleast Have 33 Hits For Sure

They Even Updated Flop Bairaag To Hit/Semi Hit In New Article (2018)

That Means He Has Strong Chances Of Having 45 Plus Success, Less Than 10 Outright Flops, Close To 35 Hits, 20 Plus Super Hits, 15 Blockbusters, 5 All Time Blockbusters

He Is Not Just Most Consistent Megastar In History Of Indian Cinema But Even In Terms Of Magnitude Of Success i.e, Major Box Office Records, He Is 2nd To None

Also He Has Been 1st Megastar Of India And Went On To Rule For 15 Odd Years- Late 1940s To Early 1960s

This Is Just Stardom And Box Office We All Know In Terms Of Acting Skills And Quality Of Movies As Well He Is Right There In The Top League

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47 movies with coverage


Means 47 Will Be Successful Films, 3 Below Average, 7 Flops (33 Hits, 24 Super Hits,15 BB, 5 Atbb) After Update

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This is from Old Boi So that doesn't matter.
Aur 1991 me BIG GROSSER Dilip ke paas kaise tha ??
Saajan me wo bhi the kya ?
DILIP KUMAR ke kabhi 25 HITS nahi the 22-24 the Same KHANNA ke bhi 20-22 the.
Agar Pure Hindi Film Industry dekha jaye to bas AMITABH DHARMENDRA JEETENDRA ne 25+ HITS diya hai since 1947 to 1990.
DILIP ke paas jo hai wo hai RATIO kyuki 57 Movies he kiya 55-60 Saal me

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mile na negative votes? you need to agree whatever Aamir Salman fan say...then u will get up votes...


agree karta hu vivek per update ke baad hit filmo ka number 25 plus ho jayega.


Jo bhi ho bhai chlo maan liya 25 HITS ho jynge prr 30 Hits Kabhi nahi ye direct 35 HIT bola utna to SUCCESS Movie he hai unka.



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