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Me for entertainment,if the movie has both it's a bonus
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A content that entertains. It all depends on the content that appeals to me in the end & that becomes my mode of entertainment.

It's pointless to divide films as content & entertainers.

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You know it's the same thing... Entertainment and content... There isn't even an iota of difference between these two... Correct entertainment is good content... Not farah khan sajid khan directorial kinda entertainment... Thats crap...
Entertainment is whatever you see makes you happy or fulfilled....

.. Funny jokes, hero bashing bad guy, or hero finally getting some respite after getting hammered in terms of revenge or something... If all of this makes you feel fulfilled in your viewing experience... Thats good content... And that feeling of happiness is entertainment...
For example
I felt truly fulfilled watching bajrangi bhaijaan... Both munna bhai... Wanted... Agneepath... And all of these movies are at exact opposite poles of genres...

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Well it depends upon the movie TBH

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Only Entertainment Matters

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Entertainment but even if movie is missing entertainment but has good emotions it's fine.

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If it is a masala movie, then for entertainment. If it's a niche/offbeat movie, then for the content.

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Obviously entertainment....


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Depends upon what the promo promises.
I won't go expecting content in a dabangg3, I would celebrate the moment Couresty the entertainment it offers.
Similarly I won't go expecting masala entertainment in masaan, article 15,gujarish etc
But there are entertaining movies that have content like BB, Sultan, Dabangg, Singham, Wanted etc
Similarly content movies entertains like TZP, 3I, Mulk, Chhichhore, Dangal, CDI.
They are correlated, Content is subjective but entertainment is the objective of cinema going event.

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If there's content then hypothetically the movie will be entertaining.

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I will go for movie expecting what the makers have promised or what my friends have suggested me to look out for. But, sometimes its good to get suprised when movie contains something better than what was expected. For example movies like Andhadundh, Chhichhore, Dangal, BB etc provided those emotions, thrills or message which was not predictable from trailers or teaser. So, there I feels like being cherrished. Therefore, I do watch for getting something really amazing from few selected movies every year.
Coming to a precise choice then I will choose entertainment over content because I can wait for a satellite release for a film by Anurag Kashyap but I will go for a Rohit Shetty film within a weekend only.

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depends on movie zoner ............

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I'd say both depending on the movie itself. If you have a content movie then technically there's always going to be entertainment unless its an art film like Aligarh, Raincoat, Gangaajal, 1947: Earth and so and so.

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