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Peeping Moon: Allu Arjun might make his FIRST BOLLYWOOD appearance in Shah Rukh Khan's Jawan; director Atlee approaches him for an important cameo role in this Pan-India action entertainer. The narration has happened & Atlee is awaiting Allu's approval.

Jawan: Shah Rukh Khan shares first look poster of Atlee's action  entertainer: Teaser is just tip of iceberg | PINKVILLA

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Just Cameo won't help. SRK should do on ground promotion and interviews in South India for all the regional language. If he adapt the same promotion strategy like he did for Pathaan, then Jawan will meet same or little better fate then Pathaan. Atlee direction won't help much for regional version. How KGF, Saaho ,Baahubali and RRR were promoted in Hindi version, similar promotion should be done by SRK in South India.

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Shah Rukh should leverage on the recently acquired action hero status and go heavy with the promotions. Like you said, he should definitely put majority focus on the Southern states with on-ground promotional tours, events - like he did during the Ra One release. (Re: Kochi for one example)

Hope SRK and Atlee understand that merely including a few regional superstar cameos, releasing proper dubs, and calling the film a 'Pan Indian' movie won't be enough.

Also, in SRK's defense, maybe the whole Zero debacle and Aryan episode put him in a cocoon - (comfortability wise) shying away from facing media. And now, considering the number of ASK SRK's he has done since Pathaan - it seems that he has broken out of that shell, seeing all the love from people. Hope its a good sign.

[PS: BB2 promotions were a different level. Heard stories of SSR sending his team out to survey the northern states to employ the perfect pre-release strategy. He had different strategies for different release circuits.]