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3 Cr Footfalls For Bollywood Films After 2001 i.e, Since The Time Multiplex Era Started To Begin

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As Per BOI- Multiplex Era Started To Begin In Bollywood From 2002 And In 2006 Multiplex Era Started In Full Flow, The Footfalls Started Comming Down In Multiplex Era.

The Bollywood Films Which Did 3 Crs Footfalls After 2001 Were-

3 Idiots- 1st 3 Cr Footfalls Film Of Multiplex Era (3.18 cr)

Dhoom 3- All Version (3.10 Cr)

PK- 1st 3.5 Cr Footfalls Film Of Multiplex Era (3.51 Crs)

Bajrangi Bhaijaan- 3.54 Crs

Sultan- 3.21 Crs

Dangal- Biggest Hit Of Multiplex Era, 2nd Biggest Of Century (3.8 crs All Languages)

Tiger Zinda Hai- 3.09 Crs

Note- Aamir Khan Gave 3 Consecutive Films Of 3 Cr Footfalls And Salman Khan Gave 3 Cr Footfalls In 3 Consecutive Years, Both Are Rare Achievements Specially In Multiplex Era Where Even 2 Cr Footfalls Is An Achievement And No Bollywood Actor Gave 3 Cr Footfalls Except Aamir And Salman In Last 18 Years.

1st 4 Cr Footfalls Film Of Bollywood- Laal Singh Chaddha On Its Way

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Aur yeh log gst ke sahare bane tuchhe hits ko compare karte hai in movies se

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Salman And Aamir Rule Here Also LIke A Two Man Industry. Both on Another Level.

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Yes Agree From 2006-2017 Salmir Have Dominated (12 Years).

They Have Been Biggest Superstars And Most Successful Actors Of Multiplex Era.

Hopefully They Will Dominate In 2020s Decade As Well!

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Yash Raj is responsible for salman getting 3 c footfalls while Hirani made aamir superstar even Sanju would have crossed 3 Idiots on Christmas dhoom 3 is close to 3 c footfalls due to franchise aamir is flop without Christmas while salman is giving under performers even on festivals with tubelight mega flop even Saaho with such negativity crossed 300 c with close to 3 c footfalls which Is not possible for salman and aamir without holidays when their film becomes atb then their fans gives them the credit but when their film is flop then director get the blame this is hypocrisy

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Aamir Was Already A Superstar Before 3 Idiots

Hirani Doesn't Has 99% Major Box Office Benchmarks Without Aamir, Aamir Has Many Without Him

But Sanju Didnt Get Festival Release Even With Hirani Right? Why So? Bcz Of Lack Of That Level Of Stardom

Why Aamir Got Biggest Franchise Of Bollywood? Bcz He Is Top League Superstar

Without Christmas Aamir Has 4 BB, 1 Atbb, 2 Hgoty, 3 rd Biggest Hit Of Decade, Two 3 Cr FF Films, One 4 Cr FF Films, Four 2 Cr FF Films

When Aamir's Films Became Atbb He Gave Credit To Directors And Writers But When His Film Became Below Average That Too An Unsuccessful Film After 13 Years He Took Entire Blame


Was Bajrangi Bhaijaan a Yashraj movie?





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2020 could well be AK and SK show again.

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And Aamir Khan and Salman Khan will add some more

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