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Source Link: https://www.koimoi.com/bollywood-news/salman-khans-high-on-swag-video-from-the-sets-of-radhe-your-most-wanted-bhai/
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This is something which SK needs at this stage to get his Eid glory back. Bas Wanted jaisi ho, to records tutenge ek ke baad ek. LB wouldn't want to clash seeing this.

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Thod Phod On Eid 2020. All Opening Records In Danger Holiday Or Non Holiday Release Doesn't matter..........................

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Wake me up if it opens more than sanju


I don't see you waking up in 2020 then.




@tom cruise if Salman with Dabangg 3 on a normal friday release beats War the highest net opener right now then you agree for what ...
Weren't you the same guy who has written this with your old permanently blocked ID ..

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Bhatiya pissing in his pants watching this.

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Yes, Radhe will be baap of Wanted

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