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Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar on Friday denied that the box office numbers of his latest release "Housefull 4" have been exaggerated, saying "nobody is going to lie for this".

Questions have been raised on the film's earnings but Akshay has downplayed all of this.

When asked whether he is upset about it, Akshay, in a group interview said, "Do I look upset? I am from that era where I have heard a lot of people say a lot of things. But I have never said anything. In my school, I was taught, 'Mind your own business'." When prodded further, the superstar said, "It doesn't make a difference. What will I do? You can talk to theatre owners. You will keep asking me this same question four times to get an answer. The answer is I am not writing all this.

"These people are writing it. I am not running anything. My point of view is very simple, whatever comes in front of the media as you react to it, I react to it. So, there is nothing new about it." The actor said Fox Star Studios, who has produced the film along with Sajid Nadiadwala, is not lying about the money "Housefull 4" has made since its release on October 25.

"There is a studio called Fox Star Studios (involved with the film) it has a big credibility. It is a corporate. It runs from LA. It is not possible. We should use our brains. They make films of millions and millions of dollars and for them to increase by three or five nothing will happen. So, let's talk sense. They (Fox Star Studios) are writing it on their own (Twitter) handle and it goes everywhere, they have to report to everyone. Nobody is going to lie this."

Akshay maintained that the film has done a business of about Rs 137 crore.

Reacting to the "Housefull 4" controversy, some section of industry experts have said the box office numbers should not be shared on public platform.

On this, he said, "If a corporate won't put then anyone else will put it. It is like an open book, one can call theatres and you can calculate it. I don't think so we shouldn't put it, we should put it."

Meanwhile, multiplex chain owners issued a statement on Friday and said the fourth part of the "Housefull" franchise is a success at the box office.

Kamal Gianchandani, CEO PVR Pictures said, "This Diwali has been truly 'Housefull 4' waali! We have never seen such huge group bookings at our plexes. From the day it has opened on Friday, it has grown many folds on Monday, Tuesday and is still growing stronger even on weekdays.

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Happy for Akshay getting such huge success but it's collections are really suspicious.
Never have been there so much hoopla without any reason.
Economic times multiplex tracker -
7 days cume for Housefull4 from 5 national chains - 38.04cr (PVR+Inox+Cinemax+Cinepolis+Miraj) link https://www.etintelligence.com/etig/researchchannels/sectors/mediaBollywoodTracker.jsp
As we know National multiplex chain accounts almost 50% of all India collections, let's for a panindia movie it's less than 50%, but still it's only 38cr and boi numbers stand at 138,almost 100cr more

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Daal Mei Kuch Kaala Nahi Puri Daal Hi Kali Hai

Bala Bala Bala (rofl)

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Lmaaooooooooooooooooo. (rofl)


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Nevermind (y)


Bhatia ji once said He likes HAri Bhari Heroine, Not chusa hua aam.

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That is the honesty and graciousness of Sir. No wonder why everyone loves him.

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Even suhas can't hide his frustration lol movie is hit with negative reviews whereas tubelight was disaster and race 3 average

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Where is your catchphrase on your posts? ''Aaooooooo''


Whatever he writes is crap as it is....doesnt matter if he uses aoooooo or aaeeyyyeee.


First look at the post I've made, read the content & then see if there is any frustration.

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