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Comparision Post between Housefull 4 and Opening of Some of the Biggest opener this decade Adjusted to inflation

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  1. I haven't considered ffs in thousands(unless it's more than 50000)and collection in lakhs not because it was tiring but as that hardly matters to final collection.
  2. Among these Dhoom3 was a proper nonholiday release which makes it's achievement more incredible and Sultan was a partial holiday release,also I have taken post Diwali holiday for K3 and HF4 which fell on 4th day Monday.
  3. Capacity is increasing rapidly,so it doesn't mean these movies will collect same if released today,it can be more,but it's based on the basic that what would have been the collection now with those big openers ffs. 
  4. Inflation Adjusted nett is according to current GST 17% and state levid taxes has been ignored. 

2019 ATP 155 is taken for the inflation of all those old movies as we don't have the ATP of HF4 during weekend nor the footfalls data. 

Gross Comparison

Ett 57.35cr

CE 55.02cr

D3 55.8cr

HNY 60.45cr

PRDP 68.2cr

Sultan 58.28cr

K3 52.7cr

In comparison HF4 did 40cr gross

Inflation Adjusted Nett Openers of Khans VS Housefull 4
Movies Nett Footfalls Inflation
ETT 30.61cr 37Lacs 47.6cr
CE 30.48cr 35.5Lacs 45.7cr
Dhoom3 32.48cr 36Lacs 46.3cr
HNY 36.31cr 39Lacs 50.1cr
PRDP 39.32cr 44lacs 56.6cr
Sultan 36.59cr 37.6lacs 48.3cr
Krish3 29.5cr 34Lacs 43.7cr
HF4 34.25cr     ---- 34.25cr
Source Link: BOI
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As can be seen
Prdp opening is more than 22cr of HF4 Monday.
Dhoom3 collected 12cr nett more on a nonholiday.
Hny did almost 16cr nett more than HF4.
K3 on same 4th day did 9.45cr more.


@Roman what are the gross numbers as that would give better idea ..
Do add War opening day, TZH & Sanju's Biggest day as well & PK, BB & Sultan's highest day as well ...


kyun thak rahe ho tubelight dekho aur rejected films ko compare karo ek disaster aur Housefull 4 hit


Ett 57.35cr
CE 55.02cr
D3 55.8cr
HNY 60.45cr
PRDP 68.2cr
Sultan 58.28cr
K3 52.7cr
In comparison HF4 did 40cr gross

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Salman gave the 1st 30 cr opener in 2012 by beating the previous record by 10cr & some so called star's fans are celebrating their star's 30cr plus in 2019 with added advantage of Gst & increased ticket price ..
Nothing wrong in that but apni aukat mein rehna tha ..
Salman made Eid a lucrative period & these shameless haters say Salman Eid per zinda hai ... get a life
Agar koi film aaj 203 cr ka business kare toh iska matlab yeh nahi ke uski aukat ab 3 idiots jaisi film ko cross karne hogayi hai after 10 yrs ..

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FFs of Housefull 4 are barely 24-25lacs compared to 44lacs of prdp and then capacity was far lower and they have the audacity to celebrate such achievement.
Salman fans were sad after Race3 Sunday of 30lacs ffs.

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And for an enlightened soul, HF4 would have been top opener of all time if released solo.

by Mega Star (226k points)
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Dhoom 3 Biggest Opener Of The Decade

War Highest Opener Of The Decade (Unless BOI Reduces Its Gross Opening And It Comes Below Thugs Of Hindostan)

by Executive Producer (63.3k points)

Yup I have mentioned that all above, except D3 all are holiday releases & Regarding War's opening gross it's already below Toh

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ATP As Par Box Office India -

2015 - 125.97 ₹
2016 - 131.57 ₹
2017 - 134.38 ₹

As Par Your Calculation -

2018 - 143.00 ₹
2019 - 151.87 ₹

Which Is Impossible......

According To Me -

2018 - 141.00 ₹ (BOI updated first 3 months data in his site and these first 3 month released movie ATP is 139.85 ₹ only)

2019 - 145.00 ₹ (This Year All Big Collected Movies ATP is Low So ATP Not Increase Much even chances Are There To Be Decrease.... ex - Kabir Singh ATP Just 128 ₹, Saaho ATP Just 126 ₹

by Assistant Director (52.2k points)

Bro you are saying ETT Foitfalls is 37 lakh which is right as par me that means weekend ATP is 111.59 rs. Because ett first day gross is 41.29 cr so 0.37 lakh means 111.59 rs. Gross ATP.

Atp in 2012 year is 101.74 rs. So 111.59 rs. Is increase by 10% more than year ATP. Now if consider the same thing in year 2019 than ett ATP is 10% more than year 2019 ATP.

If we consider 145 rs. Atp in 2019 than ett ATP is 159.5 rs. Weekend so adjusted gross for first day of ett is 59 cr so nett is 50 cr that's my point. Hope you understand.


That's the thing I tried to make all understand that as we don't have the Weekend ATP of 2019, I have taken same and relatively low 2019 weekend ATP for all older movies.
That's like an advantage given to Housefull 4.


Ok.... fine work bro....



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Fact is if Housefull 4 released on the biggest day it would have decimated salman biggest opener salman fans are lucky without clash which led to reduction in screens even war opening was a possibility so chill holiday star fans and do bala steps

Bala bala bala o bala o bala o bala bala o bala

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Mohra and Khiladiyon ka Khiladi are equivalent to 40 c openers
Ajnabee and SIK are equivalent to 35 c opener
MKTA, MSK, Garam Masala, Heyy Babyy and Welcome are equivalent to 30 c openers adjusted to inflation while Mission Mangal without clash would have been 35 c opener and it is a concept film


Nikal tau! Pehli fursat mein nikal

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