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Housefull 4 continues with fantastic collections at the box office with 15-16 crore nett expected to come on Wednesday. The film has seen extraordinary collections in UP which are not far off the figures on Monday which was a national holiday which will mean a fantastic total for Delhi / UP circuit. Gujarat / Saurashtra is simply running riot as the circuit looked to be heading for a 15% from record levels of business. The six day collections of the film are around 124 crore nett plus and the week could finish around 135 crore nett.



The Gujarat / Saurashtra circuit could be around 4 crore nett which is simply insane number. The business is rock steady in Rajasthan and CI at very high levels. There has been a drop in Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore of around 40-45% but its coming of a holiday period and there is a 20-25% drop in ticket rates to factor in here as well. So the drop in these places is actually not bad if we take the footfalls.



This is much maligned film which was practically written off and called a flop on release is now doing over 15 crore nett business on its sixth day and that pretty much says it all. A film like Saand Ki Aankh which is a so called content film which the media is favoring has dropped more than Housefull 4 on day six so despite being the widest release and far higher collections it is even trending better than the competition on day six. The film has answered the negativity with its collections like very few films before.
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Diwali hai toh jaisi bhi comedy movie bana lo Gujarat daily 5cr thokega, last year Golmaal again and this year Housefull 4.
Tomorrow will also have bumper collection in Gujarat due long extended holiday period.
Day after tomorrow is important to save faces now, Audience is just too kind on Comedies.
TD did 150cr with competition every week on nonholiday so nothing surprising.

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Congrats to Akshay fans. Whatever numbers are coming calls for celebration for them. (handshake)

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The film has answered the negativity with its collections like very few films before.
I won't say a words from now on to defend HF4, this statement will boil the testimony of all the haters against Akki and HF4.

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Ya righty sums up by BOI, haters ki to or jalne wali hai


I am gonna leave them on their own for some time now.

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Trend krke BOI ka dimag satka diya hai sab ne ab sabki marega ye :D

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those trends are part of fanwars but actually Gujrat / saurashtra always did best for comedy films and Diwali is an extended holiday period there as well as film did huge among masses, I said it on the very first day after watching it that it's better than most of the comedy films released in last few years , anybody can bash on social media but when people laugh in theater you know that the film will work and that's what happened here .


Filmey Twitter se chlne lgti to ye log to akki ki koi bi movie Ko ni chlne dete:D


Yes Sss D you were quite right in you review. I wasn't going to watch it but somehow ended up watching it and after watching it I was damm sure that it will be a hit at least which I clearly mentioned in my review as well.

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As I said.... Comedy movie works better if its bad to worse.

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frickin stuck in this human stupid human mentality.... they call it a professional life ... but its actually a process of turning a free willed human into a robot ...a machine.... day in day out work your @ss off to earn money for food in your mouth clothes on your back and a rooof on top of your head.... but these stupid rule makers make sure that you have no time for family friends or life....to help them fill their pockets with money they cant spend..... and in a blink of an eye you are an old mahn.....on your death bed.....

trust me on this young mahn.... you can stay free for only a limited time , no matter how long you push it...... its only until you run out of ground to stand on.... and then... its all over ..you have successfully become a slave of society.... .. no matter how grand of a wulfric you are....even the grandest... you have to give in..... to these phaaaakkkking stupid rule makers.


@grand nova this time I agree with u ,we all are now


Nova said it all...............true


In a way.... We are walking corpses...

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Ghanta ka negativity..every famous critics had deleted their reviews..sala sab ko kharid liya hai .....

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Kharida ni sbki bolti band ho gayi hai......


Sab ko kharid liya hai

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Great going ,that is what I said on the day of release that it's an entertainer and a better comedy film than most of which released in last few years, just went in theater and enjoy the moments without looking for logics, Akshay Kumar and his expressions surely bring smiles on your face.

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zordar collection....trailer was fantastic....when movie didnt fall on second and third day I was very confident this is going to good money spinner

look at below many users has disliked trailer and same people also not believing collections....
mr.hola must be laughing when he received huge negative votes for his comment on trailer


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Collections on day 6 is more than 2nd week collection of tubelight and toh and collection on day 5 is similar to 2nd week collection of race 3 so can Housefull 4 performs in 2nd week and collect in the range of Total Dhamaal and if it does that it will be a hit film and Akshay will have 500 c in a year with chance of targeting 600 c in a year if Good News does well which will be mega achievement

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That shows your real aukat comparing a new film with the worst received movies of Salman & Aamir ..
Btw jis din woh koi ATBB & HGOTY de na tab compare karna abhi toh .. IYKWIM


A guy who himself is a fan of a retired actor who used to specialise in B grade movies is hiding behind Akshay's back now.


Dangal Had Done Around 200 Crs In 1st Week, Around 100 Crs In 2nd Week And Around 50 Crs In 3rd Week With Unknown Cast And Crew, Non Commercial Elements, Demonetization, Holidays Falling On Wrong Date As Per BOI

Aukaad Jab Best Ke Saath Compare Karne Ki Na Ho Toh Chup Raha Karo

The Reason Due To Which HF4 Is Doing Better Than Rejected Average And Below Average Films Of Salman And Aamir After 1st Weekend Is Due To Much Better WOM And Holidays Falling On Right Dates

Aur Han Hit Ka Sapna Dekho Hi Mat, It Needs 180-200 Crs Just To Break Even!

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