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As before Race 3 released, Salman was about to do one more movie with Remo which almost got confirmed. There are high chances that scenario like Race 3 will arise again, so will Salman still go with Radhe if D3 gets reception like Race 3?
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Unlikely. Its the battle of EGO. Whatever happens to D3, RADHE will come on EID.

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Not even 0.00000% chance of both the categories Dabangg 3 will b an blockbuster just wait and so will Radhe that too solo

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Nope, SK just won't let go of Eid. D3 needs to fail by epic proportions for PD to be sacked.

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Dabangg 3 is a Blockbuster at the worst case

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4 Nov se shooting suru hai aur tum shelv ki baat karte ho..stay in your dream(giggle)

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At worst, Dabbang 3 will be hit or atleast. It should atheist do 200cr otherwise Salman' s stardom will be in question since Dabbang is a big franchisee. Talking about Radhe being shelved if Dabbang fails , I don't think so since Salman won't leave Eid at any cost. Just look at how he has announced Radhe. If he would have wanted to let go off Eid then he would have never done Radhe at the first place.

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Even disaster hui toh bi shelve nai hogi..

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Won't that be even more harmful?


bhai yaha baithkar bolne me paise thodi na lagte hai...only producers know how burns their a..s

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Dabaang 3 won be failed...even there is negativity masses will take it big way...negativity dont affect to mass audience unlike content movie...it will do min 175 cr at worst case...

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I think anything below 200cr is failure because its the sequel to franchise where previous 2 movies were BB plus character of Chulbul Pandey will always attract audience to the theater.


it may be failure on 175cr but it wont stop salman to go ahead with radhe....he may discontinue with dabaang series....tubelight kind of result will not allow him to make it..but dabaang is safe bet at least on min level...


Yes at least the intial will be huge for D3 unlike TL.

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Salman Khan is too fond of his favourite festival release Eid that he won't shelve it and wants his fans to be happy simply because he cares. Even if the movie fails then he have these three options

  1. Direct the film himself

  2. Ali Abbas Zafar (If he's available)

  3. Someone else who's capable of making good action films and I think Nishikant Kamat may be a good choice.

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Oh yes they can simply change the director that will be good option if D3 fails to impress.

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He will change the director, he will change the entire starcast, he will change the production house, he will change everything, but he will release his movie on Eid.

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Nah all he needs to do is to get a better director although i don't think Radhe will be shelved even id D3 fails i personally don't think it will fail but it will underperform big time IMO

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If D3 does anything above 250cr, Radhe will become red hot movie for next year. In that case it won't be shelved.


I don't think it will be shelved even if D3 fails TBH but yeah if D3 works it will give boost to Radhe's buzz

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I don't think so. It's too late. He already announced it plus Eid pe to aana hi hai anyhow, last minute pe change karne se aur gadbad hogi.

BTW I don't think D3 will underperform.

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Radhe will come on Eid 2020 irrespective of whatever result Dabangg 3 may get ..
But there will be high chances of Laxmi bomb shifting from Eid 2020 if Dabangg 3 performs well ...

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no, kyuki first week of November se radhe ki shooting suru ho rahi hai.

by Casting Director (18.7k points)

He will come on eid, no matter what....

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It might happen if dabangg 3 is a failure and failure of next film will raise doubt over salman stardom

by Camera Operator (11.6k points)

Let see wait for D3 all will be clear after that.....

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