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For those who have seen HF4 don't you think Kriti Sanon was brilliant in every department? Be it in comic scene, emotional scene and even action, she blends them all beautifully. Given she is a Bollywood actress so she ought to be beautiful but her acting skills are also really good. She is one complete package like Deepika was few years ago.

She was great in Luka Chuppi as well but was not applauded as much and here as well her performance is just taught to be okay. But she just was just a great mix of beauty and fabulous acting, I think.

Lastly, I think she can be numero uno soon if she keeps doing big films as she is getting good offers for sure. As unlike Alia in addition to acting and beauty she is looks sexy as well.

Further she is way better than Katrina and Jaqueline who are just added in a film for their beauty and nobody expect them to emote well.
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Acting Se Agar Koi Actress Top Star Banti Toh Katrina 2010s Decade Ki Number 1 Actress Kabhi Nahi Banti, Infact Katrina Will Be Among All Time Top 10 Actress Having Rare Distinction Of Simultaneously Having 15 Hits And 5 Blockbusters Along With 15 Odd Years Of Stardom. These Things Are Huge For A Female Star.
Kriti Would Be Lucky To Get Even Close To Katrina Which Would Be Very Tough So Don't Compare Her With Katrina.

Aur Yeh Acting Talent Wala Point Actress Ke Liye Mat Use Karo Actress In Commercial Movies Are Needed To Have Decent Acting Skills Along With Excellent Physical Appearance And Dancing Skills Which Katrina Has, You Can Compare Kriti With Jackline But Then Again Both Of Them Are Not Stars However Jackline Is More Successful At Box Office.

Talent Is Secondary Primary Thing Is Success, You Wont Be Ranked On The Basis Of How Talented You Are But How Big Star You Are Determines You Rankings. Stardom Is Directly Linked With Your Box Office Success. Kriti Has Till Date Mostly Enjoyed Medicore Success And Is Yet To Become A Star.

Also Beauty Alone Doesn't Ensures Stardom Or Box Office Success As You Can See Many Beautiful Girls Struggling.

To Be A Successful Actress/Star You Need To Have Excellent Physical Appearance, Decent To Good Acting Skills, Excellent Dancing Skills And Obviously Good Contacts So That You Get Big Films Bcz Very Few Actress Reach A Position From Where They Can Independently Get Big Projects And Even To Reach There Initially They Need Support. Katrina Needed Salman, Kriti Would Need Akshay, Its Mutual Give And Take, Akshay Will Take What He Needs And Kriti Will In Return Get What She Needs, May Be They Are Already Following This Policy Along With Kriti's Sister Nupur.
Kaira Advani Is Also Following This Policy With Akshay, Its Part And Parcel Of The Entertainment Industry.

Btw Kriti Sanon Is Actually Very Beautiful I Like Her A Lot She Is Fair, She Has Excellent Face Cut, Beautiful Navel, Very Good Height, She Is Almost Perfect Though She Needs A Hardworking BF To Increase Size Of Her Assets.

Kaira Advani Is Perfect In Every Manner Though Sadly She Also Hasn't Become A Star Yet.

Though Acting Talent Wise I Would Say Both Are Fair, Nothing To Shout About.

Hope These 2 Become Big Stars In Future.

On A Side Note- Dont Compare Kriti With Undisputed No. 1 Actress Alia Who Is Supremely Talented, Has Excellent Backing And Is Very Beautiful As Well, She Is Destined To Greatness.

And Please For God Sake When You Talk About Beauty Dont Bring Deepika Into Discussion Her Assets Size As Well As Skintone Is A Letdown, Her Face cut Is Excellent And She Is Also Very Talented Actress With Very Good Height Along With Great Backing So She Rose To No. 1 Spot And Continues To Be Among Top Actress Of Industry!

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Though She Needs A Hardworking BF To Increase Size Of Her Assets.
Rancho bro(rofl)(rofl) you rock mann

Kriti Would Need Akshay, Its Mutual Give And Take, Akshay Will Take What He Needs And Kriti Will In Return Get What She Needs, May Be They Are Already Following This Policy Along With Kriti's Sister Nupur.
Kaira Advani Is Also Following This Policy With Akshay, Its Part And Parcel Of The Entertainment Industry.

Sad but true.


I'm actually sad for only Kiara, she's the best in newcomers.
Voluptuous, curvy, cute, Fair, Excellent Face cut, very good height, Adequate assets.
But she won't get deserved success here and will be used despite of that though not a big issue her.

Oh I missed the gold Beautiful navel(clap)
I thought Navel obsession is more down South you proved me wrong though Bollywood makers don't think so.


What about shraddha she is also very beautiful but she only works with new gen actors I don't know why? But her age is going rapidly she is already 32 so I don't think so she will make any big ground or superstardom in near future like alia , katrina etc...


Im Also Feeling Sad For Kaira She Deserves To Be A Big Star And Have A Very Successful Career At Box Office.

She Is Perfect Cute Sweet Beautiful Hot Sexy She Has Everything From A Fair Skin Tone To Perfect Face Cut And Figure Plus Good Height Also She Is Talented As Well And Most Importantly She Is Ready To Compromise Which Is Important In Initial Stages For Actress If You Dont Have Strong Backing Behind You. I Really Hope She Doesn't Go Waste Bcz There Are Very Few Actress In Bollywood Who Are Perfect.

Btw Even Compromise Alone Cant Make You A Star And Successful At Box Office, Here Every Heroine Is Ready For That As Its Kind Of Norm In Entertainment Industry But Even After That Handful Of Them Actually Get The Stardom And Success.


These 3 Are My Weakness Like Other Indian Boys

And Yes In South Navel Obsession Is More Than Bollywood, Bollywood Is More Obsessed With Cleavage.

Shraddha Has Done Well For Herself, In Terms Of Popularity And Fan Following She Is At Par With Alia, In Terms Of Box Office She Has Slight Edge Over Alia, Though Alia Is Ahead In Terms Of Stardom As She Is No. 1 Actress And Has Huge 6 Edge Over Her In Terms Of Age Ideally She Is Like A Younger Sister To Sharaddha But Are Treated As Rivals.

I Think Shraddha Has 10 Odd Years Stardom Potential With Her. Nowadays Actress Maintain Themselves Well Plus Technology Advancement Is Also Boon So They Last Longer Than Earlier Times, Eg- Karrena Kapoor, She Is 39 But Will Last For 3 Years More. Coming Back To Sharaddha If She Makes Right Choices Then Till She Retires She Can Surely Have 15 Hits And 5 Blockbusters Which Is A Major Benchmark For A Female Star (7 Hits, 2 Blockbusters At Present). I Feel Sharaddha Must Work With Atleast Hrithik If Not Khans, She Must Start Working With Bigger Stars Like Ranbir And Ranveer For Even Better Results At Box Office, This Will Further Increase Her Stardom.

On A Side Note Alia Has 15 Odd Years Potential Stardom And She Can Easily Get 15-20 Hits Bcz Of Strong Backing Within Industry (Currently 6 Hits 0 Blockbusters)

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Kriti has bright future ahead, if you see she talks same as Deepika,if you have noticed,
In acting department she is good and in every field their always remain a source of improvement so with time her acting ability will automatically become good,
I think she is doing Bachchan Pandey also, it will be huge movie for her, I just pray one thing to God they replace Farhad samji the director, he is not good in direction, they need a solid mass director to pull this kind of a movie.....
At the end Kriti will be more successful in coming years...

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Kriti is good but no way compared to Alia. She is so damn cute plus a much superior actress and a big star.

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Alia have the filmy background so it was easy for her to make it big with the talent she have. Kriti on the other hand is an outsider but have made it this far. Plus don't you think Alia have that childish face which doesn't make her look sexy but rather cute? While Kriti looks cute and sexy simultaneously. Watch out for her in the climax of HF4, she kills it all the way through her sexiness in that bride outfit. You might hate the movie but its impossible to hate her presence.

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A big male star is needed for big success. Salman apparently likes Kriti, so she may get a few movies with him and get to that level. She's with Akki now, maybe Salman later, so following Kat's pattern.

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@Rancho you are a very open person ..


Hmm Yes Bro, Thats How My Nature Is


Very sad ending ...hope for the in near future for u


Thanks (y) :)

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She looks good but her acting is just about aright, nothing great. Don't compare her to Alia Bhatt's who's acting is far better than Kriti.

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Alia is numero uno their is no doubt

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