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Housefull 4 Records Huge Numbers On Monday

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Housefull 4 has recorded a huge Monday with collections looking to be 31-32 crore nett and there is a chance it could even go a little higher in the morning as the final numbers of the mass circuits again. The multiplexes have shown huge growth as the top ten multiplex chains in the country record 17 crore nett and this is around 650 cinemas. All these multiplexes chains have seen growth ranging from 100-150% depending on the site location.



The film has seen house full boards at single screens across the country and has huge collections in UP, Bihar, CPCI Rajasthan and Gujarat / Saurashtra. The latter could top 4 crore nett which would mean Mumbai circuit going to 10 crore nett at least. Delhi / UP looks 6.50 crore nett plus from early estimates which is growth of 275% from Sunday.



The growth is less in the South but that is because there the film has had healthy numbers over the first three days. The four day collections of the film will be around 82 crore nett which is a good number especially as there is always a doubt that negativity for a film can take some of the audience away but despite it being day four the audience has come and given the film a go and now it will depend on the word of mouth of this audience.



It will prove to be the second biggest single day of an Akshay Kumar starrer behind the Sunday of 2.0 (hindi) which was also the fourth day. There is an outside chance it could actually be the biggest but the target for that is 33.2 crore nett which is tough but not impossible. It is also the single highest day ever for a comedy film beating the 30.10 crore nett of Golmaal Again which did it on the very same day but it was not the fourth day there but the first day. It is the third highest Monday of time after Bahubali - The Conclusion (non holiday) and Tiger Zinda Hai (holiday).
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Wow!!!Impressive Numbers!!!!!!....

by Unit Manager (39.8k points)
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Oh so even I was underestimating Akki's stardom. 4th day, with utmost negativity and still its 30cr+ day. And few people categorize him 2nd tier when he has given 2nd highest no of 20cr plus day in an year.

by Unit Manager (33.7k points)

Mai BOI Ko Troll Karta Hun Bhai Infact Sabhi Karte Hain Including Akshay Fans Par Last Mei BOI Ko Hi Follow Karte Hain Bcz Aur Koi Source Nahi Uske Alava
Waise Komal Nahta Bhi Hai Jo Ki Keval Khans Ko Modern Era Ka Superstars Manta Hai

Anyways Cheers Bro Aise Hi Masti Mazak Kar Raha Tha Yeh Sab Toh Fan Wars Ka Hissa Hai, Mai Khud Housefull 4 2nd Day Gaya Tha Dekhne Disaster Wale Reviews Padhne Ke Baad Bhi

I rest my case here itself!


Komal nahata bi khans ki hi chamchagiri krta h,
Dekh Kia hai usko bi


Cheers @Rancho....
I know there won't be any fun without we fanatics going lunatic....


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Harminder going out of. Mind and using term over drive just for 30,31cr and going gaga over 80cr in 4 days but he dznt know after Monday game will b over and 130cr lifetime is loading

by Unit Manager (37.1k points)
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Just Look At The Enthusiasm Of BOI Writer

They Made Sure To Mention About Housefull Board Bcz This Franchise Has Been Trolled By Everyone For Not Actually Having Films That Are Housefull In Theatres

I Wonder Why They Are Not Mentioning About Present Ticket Price And Tax Rate For Akshay's Film, Which They Generally Do While Comparing Other Big Films

by Executive Producer (63.3k points)
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I was about to start a rant on BOI about how 31 crs is huge when there are movies doing 45-50 crs.

But then i realise its an Akki sar movie and i got it, for him this much is huge, look at his fans celebrating, congrats to them, Akki finally achieved around 50 % of total available capacity on biggest holiday.

by All Time best! (269k points)

It was movies fourth day ,first of all
Second thing so much negativity oh! Paid negativity by some so
called, despite all these things movie still collecting ....some people never satisfied what ever the fate


Mtlb dusre ki kuch bi krke Uttarni hai,
Life, right, centre krke


What negativity? On social media, so had TD, Baaghi 2, Judwaa 2, ga bit only thing that matters is audiences WOM which is positive so far, otherwise it wouldn't have jumped so big, so keep this negativity excuse with yourself.
Movies like Zero, JHMS, Race 3, TOH have real negativity, critics plus social media plus audiences.

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yesterday morning I said that movie movie will cross 30 cr and may even pass 35 plus...lets see where final numbers comes it will do 23-24cr

by Camera Operator (8.2k points)
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Seriously. Seems as if Harminder was dancing on Bala while typing this article out. Bas aaj ke baad khushi khatam aur 130cr lt loading.

by Mega Star (226k points)

I don't think it will do just 130 lifetime.

52+32 - 84 + 24 + 16 + 10 = 135 cr first week


130 cr jyda bol Dia bhai,
Instead of 130 cr 110 bol lo

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I was expecting in the range of 40 cr
Not good enough for me atleast

by Location Scout (3.3k points)

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