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Whois bigger between Ranbir and ranveer ? At present moment. [closed]

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Because we had make comparisons of khans ,akki ,Ajay so just want to know about these two guys
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very close contest ............


Add last 3 movies weekend figures and find average you got your answer.

Ranbir Kapoor - 20.61 Cr/Day
Ranveer Singh - 22.37 Cr/Day

Ranveer Singh >> Ranbir Kapoor

1 Answer

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Ranveer, Ranbir and Tiger will replace khans shortly with Hrithik leading them

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Question remains same
Who is bigger is it Ranbir or ranveer


Question remains same ..............
Who is bigger is it Ranbir or ranveer? Please clarify that ....


Both are equal but Ranbir can get ahead of Ranveer with good projects

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