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Akshay Is A Bigger Star Than Ajay- Yes

Akshay Will Remain A Bigger Star Than Ajay In All Time Rankings- Yes

Akshay Was Always A Bigger Star Than Ajay- No, Ajay Was Bigger Than Him In 1990s, Akshay Became Bigger Than Him After Mid 2000s Decade

In Terms Of Overall Box Office Success They Are Still At Par With Each Other, But Stardom Wise Akshay Is Ahead!

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As Per BOI Ajay Was Bigger Than Akshay Till Mid 2000s, They Said This In Q And A, Also In BOI Ranking For 1990s 2nd Half They Kept Ajay Ahead Of Akshay And Even Overall He Will Remain Ahead Bcz Akshay Became A Star In 1994, So Before That Ajay Has More Stardom Points Or Shall I Say Only Ajay Had Stardom Points (1991-1993)

Yes I Can Agree To This That Ajay Has Got Boost Due To Rohit Shetty But You Cant Give Entire Credit To Rohit, Considerable Amount Of Credit Must Go To Ajay As Well, Ajay Has 25 Odd Hits So He Has Been A Big Star For Sure But Like I Said Entire Career Wise Akshay Has Been Bigger Than Him And Will Remain Bigger Than Him, Akshay Is Among Top 4-5 Actors Of Modern Era And Also Among Top 15 Actors Of All Time, He Can Even Be In Top 10 Till Retirement If He Gets Some Big Grossers In 2020 Decade


Lekin BOI toh manupulate karta hai according to the users here so why use their stuffs as a proof....
Coming to credit than yes Ajay has his due because Singham without him wouldn't have been Singham. But, see the difference, Every actor who has worked with Rohit has big openings and grosser prior to collaboration with Rohit but Ajay really started giving big openings and grossers after Rohit gets it going. Actually, Rohit has lots of contribution in making Ajay the brand what he is today. Its just like what SLB did for Ranveer.


Rohit himself has said it many times that he is what he is today because of Ajay despite him giving AD his biggest movie like Golmaal & Singham. When Zameen didn't do well at the BO, Ajay gave Shetty another chance with Golmaal: Unlimited which lead to sequels. So both of them contributed to each others career but entire can't be given to Rohit when some should be given to Ajay as well.


What I said is once Rohit get it going. Rohit without Ajay have gone even bigger but same can't be said same for Ajay. That sums it all.
Though I do agree that Ajay did give the necessary early push to Rohit but once he get going he made look Ajay way bigger than what Ajay really is without him.

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Yes Akki is bigger and will always be. Ajay doesn't have much starpower. What Ajay has is that superior acting ability and the tag of being a legacy star, so he'll keep getting big movies. Akki has a pretty terrible track record in big movies. Ajay is working with even SLB now, so he's on track for a bright future too.

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both are small (giggle)

but on his day Ajay has given 30+ openings.. and Akki on the other hand.. well jitna kam bolo utna achha

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Both of them have been on the lower levels of stardom as compared to Khans/HR. But nope Ajay has 30cr plus openers while Akshay has struggled for the same. In the right movie, AD is still bigger for me.

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You mean in a movie which Rohit Shetty directs because basically big openings and lifetime for Ajay have only come with him. Remove Shetty directorials and there are no right movies to boast about.

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How times has this post being made since 2014 about who's the bigger between Ajay & Akki? F*kn loads man and still we stuck with this topic to this day. I can understand your bitterness is to drag Ajay Devgn's name unnecessary just because I was bashing Housefull 4 numbers in the other post. Anyhow, Rancho has explained and I'm ok with his statement.

Here's a video below that defines this post.

Like Stone Cold says, ''BORING'' |-)


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Its not because of you bashing HF4 its because people were taking it for granted that TT will take bigger opening than HF4 bit now when it didn't happened some are even calling HF4 release date a holiday.

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Holiday pe 18 cr ki opening?? total dhamal was in non holiday

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Waah... Ye din bhi dekhna pad gaya ki jo log Pre Eid effect ki wkalat karte hai Pre Diwali ko Holiday batare hai.......


Hamare eha holiday thah tumare uha mujhe pata nahi


Tumhare yahan poora India ni hai zara saans bharo aur samjho ek simple si cheez....

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Dono hi medium level stars hain, don't think too much about them.

Akki is more bankable but Ajay has bigger peak as shown with SR & GA. And we'll have to wait to see if Sooryavanshi with help of the Singham can finally give Akki some big numbers.

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Rohit will have the credit because he made Singham and Sooryawansi is his product too.

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