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Share your Precious view on this Akshay-BOI Tie UP

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Actually, its a Akshay-BOI tieup.

TEPK (2 pr article)

Padman (1 pr article)

Gold (1 pr article)

Kesari (1 pr article).

Not to forget since toilet all his movies are getting higher opening day , weekend and week from BOI and then getting adjusted latter.

For example

Toilet 12 to 11

Padman 10 to 9

Gold 25 to 23

Kesari 21 to 20

2.0 had record 4.5cr reduction in extended weekend even after opening adjustment.

Even I have my doubt that they will adjust Housefull 4.

Yeah Kjo's Kalank was 22cr opener according to boi then adjusted to 18cr now.

So yeah they are most trustworthy site out there but are they getting manipulated by Actors/Producers/Distributors nowadays.
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To bhai logo tum hi koi site khol lo,
Sare Wahi se le lenge,.
Data wagerh,
Criticise bi BOI ko hi Kroger figure bi usi ke love,
Ho tum logo Ko suit krega bs whi shi hoga that's good

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BOI'S next article will be on how 2020 will be Akshay's year and the best year for any lead actor ever in Indian cinema.

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And loves RAJSHRI ...
Proof -> HAHK 7.40cr Footfalls from 4cr to 7cr+ lolz
HSSH no BO site said that HSSH has collected 39cr even in old BOI HSSH has 29cr then they Increase by 10cr with 2.85cr Footfalls
PRDP Footfalls 2.27cr Lolz
Abhi to WAQT (1965) & MPK (1989) aana baaki hai ek ko 6cr me dusre ko 5cr Footfalls me krgi ...

by Casting Director (17.6k points)

Calculate Prdp on your own na ..


Bro Rajshree movie run very long time and old Boi data is in fixed period collection data. So that old data is not much reliable. And go and ask any person how big hits is HAHK. That movie craze is on another level and that movie footfalls is more than 7 cr is not a surprise. Same thing happen with other old rajshree movies.

So BOI data and fig about movies is more reliable than any other sources which is available currently. Yes his Commentry is pathetic and in Commentry he is clearly biased but his movies fig. And collection is more relaible than any other.


FI, Filmfare,J Tuteja, Ibos said MPK collection to be 15 and they reduced it to 14, Prdp is Superhit by all sites, BOI calls it a mere hit, and Hahk (7.39) , LoL.


Lolz All are fake Specially Footfalls No one say HAHK 7.39cr Footfalls Ye to master hai he Manipulation me aur Footfalls Manipulation me to aur aage hai...HAHK was a Bigger Hit and Remain Bigger since 1994 but 7.40cr Footfalls Lolz
RAJSHRI ka movie kitna bhi chle itne Footfalls kbhi nahi the HAHK ke Aur MPK kya 15cr krr liya to 5cr Footfalls ho jynge ...
abhi TWITTER trending sahi STOP MANIPULATION BOI ...abhi HF4 ke kiye start hua hai abhi to aur hoga

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