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Kareena Kapoor auditioned first time in career for Aamir Khan's Laal Singh Chaddha: 'Aamir wanted to be 100% sure'

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Actor Kareena Kapoor Khan has said in a new interview that she had to audition for her part in Laal Singh Chaddha. The film is a remake of Hollywood hit Forrest Gump and Kareena will star in the film with Aamir Khan.

Talking to Rajeev Masand, Kareena said Aamir wanted to be sure about it. “Because knowing the way that he is, I think he wanted to be like 100% sure. So very randomly, out of the blue, I got a call from Aamir. ‘I want you to hear this film, this and that and I am very excited about it.’ So it just happened very organically. I heard the script like just then the minute he called me and he was just like let’s read some scenes. I want you to read some scenes. So I was like yeah, I have never done something like this. I thought like what the hell. I want to see myself if I want to do this or not and you know there is nothing wrong in that,” she said.

Kareena confessed that she had never auditioned for a film before, not even for her debut film, Refugee. “But you know what, I think the times are changing and if I don’t evolve and I behave like I am some diva or this is beyond me...And Saif was the one who told me ‘What’s wrong with you? Even an Al Pacino would test for the part. There is nothing wrong, we all have to be sure as actors and artists.’”

Kareena will play Robin Wright’s character from the film while Aamir will play Tom Hanks’ iconic character. Asked if any A-lister male actor will agree to the film if the roles were swapped, if Aamir Khan would be in ‘Laali Singh Chaddha’, Kareena said, “I think that he is the bravest of brave so I wouldn’t put anything past him...probably someone like Saif. But if you are asking me about Ranveer Singh or Varun Dhawan, I am not quite sure. You need to have that mind. I don’t know what zone they are in. They have probably just started their careers where they are like this is it.”
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Aamir is one clever guy and very professional so never underestimate him. He knows what exactly he's doing as an actor even if it means asking a veteran actress to do an audition. So it seems like she will have a substantial role and I believe Aamir may not make mistakes this time. Hope so and if it then HGOTY will happen.

Like I yesterday said in another post without a good script, there is no success for any actor e.g. Hit or Blockbuster. Last week this super *** and Aamir hater made a dumb tweet but got trolled badly for it. People like him don't understand commercial Indian Cinema.

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No Matter Who The Star Is, He Cant Even Give A Hit Let Alone A Blockbuster Without Good Content i.e, Content Which Public Likes, Had It Not Been So Then Superstars Wouldn't Have Given Any Unsuccessful Film During Their Peak!

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Why this guy take so long to make a film

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Only 3 Outright Flops After 1995

Just 15 Outright Flops In Entire Career

By The Time He Retires His Blockbuster Count Would Be In The Same Range Of His Flop Count

What A Consistent Superstar

Apart From Box Office He Also Has Long List Of Classic Films

Btw Now He Would Be Doing 1 Film Per Year, He Already Is Doing LSC Then He Would Do Vikram Vedha, After That Mogul


Not everyone can shout and uproot handpumps in every movie na. He isnt lazy like a 90s B grade movie actor.