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It had to be. I personally enjoyed the first two parts. This one...the trailer was bad and that bala song and whatever crap came out later....was intolerable.

Just imagine if Salman or SRK had done a movie like this, by now their obituary would be written on social media.

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As I mentioned recently, this franchise has never been good and there are probably reasons why it worked years ago even when the sequels were made. Today, you can't take audiences for a fool and it's already been proven with Zero, SOTY 2, Kalank and so and so. Going to back to Housefull 4, I knew the trailer was going to be horrible because if there's one director whom you can't trust this film industry its Sajid Khan. He ruined Hummshakals which was worse than all there parts of Housefull series.

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Thoda wait Kar love Bhai sab pata chal jayega film kesi hai itni jaldi achi nahi ,mass pockets will rock .

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