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BOI Update????


FYI Gabbar Singh, the Telugu remake of Dabangg's Hindi dubbed version was titled Policewala Gunda.

Tamil film Jilla dubbed to Hindi is titled Policewala Gunda 2.

Tamil film Saamy (original version of Policegiri) dubbed to Hindi is titled Policewala Gunda 3.

And we had our own legend Sahasasimha Dr. Vishnuvardhan starring in Hindi-Kannada bilingual co-starring Sangeetha Bijlani titled Police Maththu Daada (Police Aur Daada) but titled in Hindi as Inspector Dhanush released in 1991.

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Ek hota hai policewala.
Ek hota hai gunda.
Hum kehlate hain, policewala gunda.

Aur yeh sunne ke baad, MCU ke writers ne kaha ki b.c "I am Iron Man", "I can do this all day", "Bring me Thanos", "All Captain America speeches" sab bakwas hai, sab ch*****pe hain, asli dialogue to yeh, in writers ko hi bulana tha IW aur EG ke liye.

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