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This is too early to talk about this buit going by the trailer, Dabangg 3 will be another routine Salman Khan movie. And no one wants that!

I have been his fan all the way. Supported him with Tubelights amnd Bharats but when he takes up a masala movie , I want it to be good. I want it to be "Wanted" good.

The trailer has same old comedy and action and wind and action and theme nad a shirtless Salman Khan.

When they are making movies like KGF, Bahubali with all those scenes showing the larger than life heroes in their full elements. Here we have Chulbul Pandey fighting a vilain because he killed his gf and entered his house when he wasnt there.

I mean whats the story here? If its the same we've got from the trailer then it should be no less than a flop.  You have those resources, the money, you can copy Korean movies but can't be inspired by some Indian ones? I might have seen KGF a hundred times but that movie gives me goosebumps every fuckin time.

Yeah I will watch Dabangg 3 anyway cause this wont last for more years if he keeps doing such shitty movies and be at the top.
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Worried about radhe which is also helmed by mr. deva.......


nothing new only for salman die hard fans.


Listen... Kgf type movies aren't made under a limited time... say 6-9 months... These kind of movies need time... For preperation and production... Probably need more than an year... Which I dont think these greedy actors ever think to provide..

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All i wanted was good mass hero elevation scenes like KGF
And they failed to do that too
And tge worst part is his next is also with prabhudeva

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Yeah dumb people here don't know what I'm talking about.. why would I wish bad for my favorite but having seen KGF.. I believe only Salman could get away with those hero elevation scenes..

But here we are.. same old jokes.. same old big forehead Sonakshi and same old hero villain story.. stakes should have been higher.. background score should have been edgy.. but no.. bhai is okay doing those shitty sunglasses moves...

Kya bolne ka ab

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no chance...salman could give outright flop after 6-7 yrs from now..

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Lol.Salman in proper commercial movie after 4 years and you saying it will be flop?? Come out of your delusion

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TIL that Race 3 / Bharat / Sultan / Bharat / Tubelight / TZH were not proper commercial movies (fubar)(fubar)(fubar)

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You are ready for biggest shock when Dabangg 3 declare blockbuster.

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Dabangg 3 should be a Blockbuster

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Mate Dabangg 3 will b a blockbuster and Hgoty just wait and watch

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It won't Flop. Not a single one since Veer.

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It's very very unlikely the movie will flop. Be positive. The trailer isnt that bad

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Ghanta nai ho payega..Well such thing is expected from masala movies like D3.. but wen ur doing movies like Race series such thing is not at all expected.. Race3 had potential of 400cr+ but ruined by Salman attitude n laziness..

Imp: Salman is victim of Yes sir.. here during Dabangg launch he said i initially was to dub all 4 language.. dubbed little part in Tamil and guy said its supetb sir.. later prabudeva listened n said in which foreigner lang ur talking even i cant understand it.. Salman said ur guy only told its superb later prabudeva told we will do with dubbing artist... so people like prabudeva should be ther around salman who can say wrong to wrong.. so thats gives me little hope on D3.. wish salman had same people around race3..

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the reason why there is hope is because.... this was teaser and main trailer is yet to come.... although hopes must be kept in check.... but you never know... things might turn out different....
may be there is something.... plus the difference between a good movie and a bad movie..... is very very slim....

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Annd..... You got your wish.
And also people in this post got eggs on their faces.


Congratulations man, enjoy.

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hahaha I never wanted to be proved wrong so much.. but yeah.. good that it happened... D3 in no way was a blunder but he did what he succeeded 10 years ago.. such stupidity should never be greeted with open arms and it wasnt

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I Dont Think Salman Will Give An Outright Flop, If He Didn't Give That With Tubelight Then He Wont Give With Dabangg 3 Either.

Actually Nowadays Giving Outright Flop Verdict To Top League Superstars Commercial Films In Which They Play Lead Role Is Very Tough Due To Huge Recovery Before Release Plus Respectable Numbers Post Release, Biggest Example Being Thugs Of Hindostan!

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wait for the verdict it will be flop


It Wont Be A Flop, BOI Commentry Made It Obvious

"Highest Recovery Of The Year, Even More Than Biggest Hit Of The Year, Not A Single Distributor Lost Any Money"



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Salman needs to ditch these desi type B & C centre Movies. Even B & C Centre people are tired with these movies.

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In the Original Dabangg Chulbul Pandey was presented both in Serious & funny or humorous way so worked big time ..
The problem with Dab-2 & 3 is that they failed to show him serious & presenting him more in a humour & funny way ...

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I agree with you. Trailer shows the Chulbul of D2 rather than D1 where Chulbul was less of Chulbul and more of Salman in his usual commercial films.

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D3 seems to have same story as D1 or D2 with the backstory of Chulbul added to it. The only thing that I found better was production value which seems far better than D2. If this doesn't works Radhe will face clash and Prabhudeva with original script again could end up giving Salman his worse as there won't be an iconic character like Chulbul to save the day.

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Hrtihik's year this!.... Nobody can beat that.....

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