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War Third Weekend Business - BOI

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War became the highest grossing film of the year as it crossed the numbers of Kabir Singh over the weekend. The third weekend collected collected 12.50 crore nett apprx to take its total to 284 crore nett apprx. this also puts it ahead of Padmaavat which was the second highest grosser of last year though it did not release in many places.

War had a huge first week and has held pretty well after that huge first week. The hold could have been better but the film did not hold as well as it could ahve in North and Central India. The best business for the film has come in the East and South. It will emerge the ninth highes NETT grosser of all time in Hindi cinema though in GROSS terms it could finish one place lower. The apprx collections of the War (Hindi) are as follows

Week One - 2,25,38,00,000 apprx

Week Two - 46,00,00,000 apprx

Friday - 2,75,00,000 apprx

Saturday - 4.25,00,000 apprx

Sunday - 5,50,00,000 apprx

Third Weekend - 12,50,00,000 apprx

TOTAL - 2,83,88,00,000 apprx


boi is too late this time i mean they feel the heat from the first day and now cant handle the 300cr celebration and start reduce the collection

yash raj now that this site is anti hrithik thats why they choose comscore and renteak for the number

all media accept the 300cr for all version and boi can feel the heat


Yeah all language collection has crossed 300 cr.

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After 3rd weekend - 283.88 Cr
Dubbed version - 12.50 Cr (expected)
Total till now - 296.38 Cr

Mon - 2 Cr
Tue - 1.75 Cr (Movie cross 300 cr in all versions)
Wed - 1.5 Cr
Thu - 1.25 Cr

Total - 290.38 Cr
Total - 303.38 Cr (all version)

Hindi version - 295 Cr lifetime (expected)
All version - 309 cr lifetime (expected)

Before gst release -
Hindi version - 250 cr
All version - 263 cr

  • after gst nett increased around 45 cr. Before gst 250 cr lifetime possible with current ticket prices. Clearly how gst benefitted nett collection of movies and movies looks like a very big collection but actually its a good not a very huge one in reality.
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Growth on weekend should have been more looks like pre diwali effect started BTW BOI reduced 1.6cr from extended week might reduce 3cr more, looks like 290cr nett finish after final update
Good news is that forums is working fine again

by Location Manager (7.2k points)
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All Version Collection will be 300 Crore plus on Tuesday. Great Comeback by Hrithik. And rumor is that It is turning into a Franchise. Great.

by Producer (103k points)

chod na bhai....every 1 in this forum were underestimating ..
in predictions 95% gave below 40cr opening and 230cr lifetime..
even for 175cr week1 people were saying its too high(incl. you )haha..
and some trade experts gave 9cr opening ..
Tight slap ..


Because everyone neglated gst factor. 175 cr nett before gst is same as 206 cr nett after gst. So its just benefitted gst factor nothing else.


thats what i said bro...if dabang 3 or HF comes close or beats war ,then war collection is just good not great..but if there is a difference of 50cr then war is great success..


GST factor is non-issue here. 300 Crore is which matters.

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boi gave 1.2 cr discount lol..
anyways acc to boi also film will do minimum 295cr hindi and 14cr all versions..
this is a very satisfying result and should be blockbuster..

by Camera Operator (9.3k points)

If you think 2.4 cr footfalls is high for HR. Standard than all right.


this film is no bajrangi bhaijaan or sultaan with good content..nor backed by xmas period...
and i feel 2.4cr ff is good considering the present times where salman is also givng 1.5cr (race3)and 1.6cr(bharath) ff on eid,where he used to give 2.2cr easily with mediocre films like PRDP,KICK,BODYGUARD,ready..


But this film wom is much better than prdp, kick, bodyguard. So don't consider ready in it. Because ready is pure non holiday release and war has many holidays in it.


i know u r a salman fan and thats y u r commenting on war posts to show its not a big hit like sutlan or bb as gross is way less ..
but try to understand what i m saying..
krrsh3 also had same wom like prdp..but both success were equal...
if u think that war has better wom than bodyguard nd kick then i cannot discuss more about this..
these bodyguards,kick,war all were super hyped commercial film which r helped with holidays..thats the reason y their trending is no where near to sultan or bb or dangal or sanju or padmavat as they dont carry great WOM...
major business of is done in week1...if u see war,kick,bodyguard then 70% business is done in week1...
but u see films with good content will minimum do double the business of week1..

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