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PMO India




It was a wonderful interaction, says 


A great way to involve everyone, says 


Two top film personalities talk about the meeting with PM 


Watch this one...

Short Film Of Raju Hirani On Gandhiji

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Sad state of affairs, 3 Most Impactful Personality of India getting bow down to a ruthless Political Power.
They are getting bullied and controlled by hook or crook.
We need a strong opposition.

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Yes, this is very sad.

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king dont become a sellout

by Casting Director (16.6k points)

Does he or others even have been given any other choice? None would find their voice until there is the existence of something important called opposition.


When Celebs are themselves helpless in new India, what the commoners could do ...
Everything & everyone is being controlled "by hook or by crook"! ...


And Some People Say Why Don't They Raise Voice Like Hollywood Actors I Mean Seriously How Can They Do So?
Everyone Saw What Happened When They Talked About Intolerance, Situation In India Is Not Like USA!


well srk and aamir do not need to **** up to this guy even if they only make disasters now they are already legends so i dont like it one bit
srk of 10-15 years ago would surely not have done something like this

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Movie chalane ke liye kuch bhi karna to padta hai na. Akshay must be jealous there.

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Oh look we have 3 actors together, two of them have won many awards but the one who is best doesn't have any !!

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three greatest actors of Indian cinema in single frame

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If Salman Also Join With Shahrukh, Aamir And Pm Modiji Than Its Pic Of The Decade For Me....... By The Way Aamir Looks For laal Singh Chadda Is A Unique And Fantastic...

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Lol Srk Aamir were right India is indeed intolerant look how intolerant everyone here is just coz they meet the PM when that PM fuckin got Majority ffs

by Executive Producer (67.6k points)

Atleast go through TB/Sanki launda answer, you will get your answer, we are intolerant or those political parties.


Thats the whole point na @roman my problem is with people who are attacking khans for meeting nodi despite knowing what the current scenario is
Why blame bollywood all the time when we all know how soft a target they are politically


We are not blaming Bollywood like twitter does, we are blaming the current situation.


Yess my problem is with these nonsense twitter wokes who blame them for everything

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Many here trolled Karan, Ranveer, Ranbir, Vicky for Clicking pic with Modi. Now What happened. TB Said Most spineless bunch of people. Now where is he?

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He Is Here Only, Check His Answer (Sanki Launda)

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Shah Rukh Khan k elawa baqi sbkay haath mein book kya kar rahi h? LOL....especially Alia....they should have held some film CD, or film poster or anything else but not a book

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haha......people are angry for calling illiterates illiterates :D

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