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This movie is abt double role one is normal guy other one Physically challenged guy ..... This role is very tough even surya didnt match original  dilip acting.. i eagerly want Salman do to this movie it has both element for classes n masses.... but i doubt salman won't agree in physical challenged role.
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This one doesn't stand the test of time. And Salman won't be accepted in the disabled role & having double role trick won't work again.

Ideally one would've assumed this film's emotion in Zero but Aanand & his writer had a different thought process altogether..

Also, watching 3 versions of it was enough for me.

To be even more honest, having the memory of Jaggesh starring in Bodyguard remake opposite Daisy Shah is enough & doesn't want to add this too. And the original was a Dileep starrer too.

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No thanks not after what happened with Tubelight. I'm sure there are better South Indian remakes that may fit Salman Khan in which audiences can enjoy watching him in with action.

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Iys double role.. so action n emotion koot kootke bara hai.. and also the comedy plus ther is sacrifice part also wcg is best u guess for Salman..

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I want salman to remake bhojpuri blockbuster "Humra Lehenga Ke Andar Wi-Fi|" ...this will be sure shot blockbuster...he should remake from all regional industries...

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Lambu wel u better think abt berozgar actor Srk for his next.. bichare koi movie nai mil rahi after testing luck with every big director.. so humara lehenga ke ander wifi wil be better choice for srk comeback isnt well lehenga pehene hue achcha toh nai lagega srk par koi baat nai we will manage it..:D


abe tere idol aamir salman ki movie woh produce kar sakta hai...usko movie mile na mile koi farq nahi padta


Achcha wedding performance ke offer bohat arehe lagta hai.. good good..:D


jo bhi ho wedding ke offer hi sahi...anyway he is entertainer...so no surprised..

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