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@Grand Nova You saw what Haider Khan is capable of with Radhe motion posters!


Yup... The internship really helped him. But... Its not him alone... Its wajid's song also.. 50-50 contribution from both. ... That made it seem like something you wanna repeat view it...


Actually whenever Haider clicks Salman, he gets the best ones. It is the videos he shoot that always stays just like an ad than be part of the film & it's understandable considering it isn't supposed to be. Difference between the photoshoot & videoshoot.

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damn listen to that background song....... of radhe....... if that is not a chartbuster track i dont know what is.... this is bonafied another mera hi jalwa track.

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Bhai is taking it on his ego, we respect that.
Anything for the respect his stature commands,I have no worries even if it turns out another Race3 but Bhai needs to send out a message to the industry and reshma.
Though I'm totally sure that it'll be a better product because unlike Race3 it's a remake above all remake of a good movie and that kind of movie which suit the Megastar Khan (Unlike Bharat) .
Even if they make it scene by scene it has huge potential at box office.
Eid sirf Megastar ki thi aur rahegi.
I liked the motion poster, the ball is in their court but we'll definitely come on Eid 2020.

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What happened? This site was taking long to load. Anyhow, Dabangg 3 will be first 300cr of 2019 and will emerge HGOTY. I feel more excited for Radhe, tbh and Akshay will have to postpone as expected.

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01. Badass Radhe........... Destroy All Box Office Opening Records Next Eid....... Bhai taken a good decision and again coming on his suitable zoner and this zoner Salman given only blockbuster till now and this records remain the same with Dabangg 3 and Radhe....

02. Bhag Akki Bhag part 2 coming up....

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I want Salman Khan to do remake of Malayalam movie Kunjikoonan
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Radhe radhe ....full mass movie of Megastar after so long..rip all records in advance

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Why cant Salman let Eid go without his film on it.
I am not against Salman releasing a film on Eid. Infact a Salman starrer on Eid is anyday better then any other star. But why release a film on Eid just for sake of it. He announced Race 3 in hurry just for the sake of releasing a movie on Eid and now Radhe. Prabhudeva style of filmmaking has gone out of fashion now and him directing Dabbang wasn't an issue since its a franchisee and if Arbaaz can direct it then why can't Prabhudeva. Salman is not carrying forward what he got after Bajrangi Bhaijaan . He did Bharat and it wasn't a big success but got less negativity then Race 3. Not saying he should keep on doing those kind of film but even if he wants to masala film then it should be with better director.
He is looking for a short term gain as in today's time his movies are getting best pre release revenue but it won't help in long term. I hope he doesn't go SRK way though his case was different as far as short term gain is concerned but final output is something which audience judge you on.

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Time for Akshay to shift. Khan dominance will go on in 2020 too. Damn, Radhe has maaassss feels. Somehow feeling Salman could go on to see 2011-12 type peak again.

P.S: Is radhe connected to Wanted? Or a sequel with a new name?

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Radhe gave me goosebumps thats hw u release motion poster.. but something seriosly wrong with dabangg team .. it doesnt gives the feel.. it should been like radhe but dabangg bohat hi tanda tha.. m more excited abt radhe than Dabangg 3 right nw..

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Bye bye emotional dramas for sometime now

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Great teaser...

Eagerly waiting for radhey .....

Hope it justify megastar stardom

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radhe motion poster looking promising .

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As I said earlier, D3 will be HGOTY, and Radhe will take a huge opening, but unsure of lifetime.

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I sense sarcasm...


Arre nahi bhai, when I am sarcastic you'll know it :D

D3 has best chance to be HGOTY, if it gets even good WOM it'll get there.

And Radhe is Salman in a true stylish action avatar. When has that not taken a huge opening? Bonus will be if it's a holiday release.

Of course, D3 has been in the works for so long that I don't think it'll be bad. And that's the reason I'm unsure about Radhe's lifetime, it's a rushed movie. Tough chances for it to be good.

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As if D3 with Prabhudeva wasn't enough anyways get ready for another Race 3 liked rushed product but i am happy as atleast he isn't doing Bharat or a Inshallah atleast

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Radhe-350 cr
Dabaang 3-285 cr

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Not interested in Dabanng 3 but Radhe is going to be huge. That BGM is fab. Full on mass. Let's see if Akki will still clash or not.

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Dabangg 3 was usual. Radhey was decent.
Why can't Salman change his hairstyle even a little bit? I don't fuckin understand this.
He has that same hair in every movie.

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bhai in panic mode if these 2 films dont work then nothing will work for him

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If RK can live on after giving disasters in line, I am sure Salman can afford two more under performers


Don't worry Salim khan won't request Raju hirani to do a film with salman like rishi kapoor did

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dabangg 3 posters are complete garbage. looks b-grade

radhe posters are very good but it will be another rushed product

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Radhe in Eid. Eidi mil gayi pehle se

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