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Hrithik Roshan is excited and escatic currently and we don"t blame him. After a long gap, the actor has had two big hits back-to-back, Super 30 and War. Two extremely different characters, yet nailed to perfection, Hrithik has impressed the audience with his acting chops and his on-point looks and we can"t help but appreciate the actor"s efforts too. In a recent chat with Filmfare, the actor opened up about how he thinks the audience has evolved over the years and why he feels that it is a great time to be in movies.

Talking about content being the king in the industry now, he said, 'I am happy. It gives a lot of scope to actors and directors. It relaxes the maker because he knows it"s the content and the story that will work and not the star. I"ve always looked for a script that touches me. A decade ago, Super 30 might not have done 10 per cent of the business that it did now. So times have changed. It"s all for the better.'

He further spoke about this shift in the industry and living through both the phases, he said, 'Honestly, I am happier in this phase. Today, the audience doesn"t want the ideal. They want the truth.'

Hrithik also threw some light on the kind of movies he"d like to do from now on. Talking about choosing content driven movies, he said, 'Whatever I do now, even if it is a film like War, it"s got to be real. It has to be convincing. Today you can"t sell a character on the star"s name. The character has to stand supported by a realistic script. It"s a fantastic time to be in the movies. Content is the star of the film. We"ll get to see better films and not just the commercial masala cinema, which I believe is now history. I guess that will not work anymore.'
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There was loads of masala in Super 30 too.

But despite that yes Super 30 definitely over performed & that subject wouldn't have earned that much before.

I think he is forgetting what "masala" means or filmfare just publishing his words in a twisted manner for more readership. His comeback has always been with masala films. Infact all his bigger films have been masala ones. Will Rakesh Roshan make a non-masala film? You see what filmfare did there?

So stick to the truth. He did open about the phases, nothing wrong there. He needed this to prove to himself, to his fans & to his haters. The long silence has paid off finally.


He needs to see what War has done, it brought his audience back in a huge way. It would be stupidity of epic proportions to go back to doing a movie once in 2-3 years. Less of Super 30 and more of War please.


@Suhas He means nonsense masala films. Masala films that has content runs better than others.

@Intense WAR is not a masala film. Its a action film.

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It needed Salman and Aamir to popularise a new genre, romance revived after Qsqt and MPK, family drama with Hahk, masala with Ghazini and Wanted,cop movie with Dabangg and let's see what happens next

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Jiska darr tha wohi horaha, sp30 jaisi movie 4-5 saal mein ek baar karo.
Masala will never go out of fashion, just imagine if he would have debuted with a gujaarish instead of knph where he would have ended.
Masala movies cater to a larger audience base and a superstar should be bound to cater All india audience.
Just look at South superstars they don't do fake praises for niche cinema and treat mainstream cinema as crap.
By doing that you are insulting the audience you can't do that.
Khans and Hrithik should do 1 Masala movie every year for the industry to survive .
Here SS are closing down, ffs are decreasing due to this mindset.

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Respect For Salman Increases, Apart From Blunder Like Tubelight He Hasnt Made Any Mistake In This Decade i.e, Wasted Time In Doing Films A Superstar Shouldn't Do Thats How It Should Be. He Is At The Top Due To Correct Decisions That He Has Taken In This Decade Plus Immense Hardwork- Average Of 3 Big Films In 2 Years, Reality Shows, Adds, Award Shows, Dabangg Tours. Really Admire Him For That!


@Rancho Aamir commands the highest goodwill when it comes to quality films if he does the film audience will definitely come in big numbers but he takes long time after every film except Dhoom-3 & Pk ...


Hmm He Takes A Lot Of Time To Make Films, Not Completely Utilizing His Talent And Stardom.

In 2 Decades Of This Century He Has Done Only 16 Films (TBH He Just Wasted 2 Years i.e, 2002 And 2003 That Too Mainly Due To Personal Problems Like Divorce, Rest Were Normal Time He Takes To Do Films) His Volume In His Best Decade In Terms Of Stardom Has Been Poor As He Did Just 7 Films Out Of Which Only 5 Were Feature Films In Lead Role, Hope In Next 2 Decades Of His Career Which Most Probably Would Be His Last 2 Decades He Increases His Volume From 16, Bcz Volume Of Success Is Also Important Along With Magnitude Of Success!

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isko firse keeda katna shuru kar diya......ek woh jo industry ko vfx ke jariye another level per le jana chaahte hai aur khud bottom level per aa gaye...aur ek yeh jisko bhagwan ne sabkuch diya hai best look, body, dancing skill, acting, fan following,action jo ek commercial/masala actor k liye zaroori hai jo isko god gifed mila hai, istead of taking advange... bhaisaab bol rahe hai masala films are history....his own KMG, krishsh are one of the best masala movie and he has done fines act in can show ur acting skill through masala film as need to do movie like guzarish, znmd kind of movie to prove ur acting..only handful and so called intellectual people will remember Guru dutt, sanjeev kumar, amol palekar, balraj sahni, om puri, irfan khan, naseer etc..and that too they want to show they are more knowledgeable about movie and most of them will not even bother to watch their movies....but generation after generation will be remembered BigB, DK, RK, SRk, SK, Ak, HR, DharamPaji..actually that is not fault of those actor..they are bound to do that because they were not blessed with natural commercial look...the above mentioned so called great actor would not have accepted in movie like deewar, aradhna, Ganga jamuna, bazigar, ddlj, dabang, 3 idiots or krishsh...

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Not sure what is the hrithiks version of a masala film..
He thinks masala film means ready, bodyguard, himmatwala,action jakson, k786...
First of all there is no such masala film..
There are only commercial film which will never have logic, but needs tight screenplay and direction to be successful film..
Sorry hrithik, i dont agree ..there should be masala films..
War, ett, tzh, dhoom all masala films.... But with good screenplay and lot of action which is enough fr audience

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Arey bhai, aisa na bolo. He needs to do more masala stuff. I dont want him wasting time on a S30 sort of movie again

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Masala movies will always be there and there's a need for its single screen audiences hence Salman brought it back with Dabangg. This film industry will always have it for target audiences when directors give films like Dabangg, Satayameva Jatyate, Singham, Rowdy Rathore, SOS, Simmba, Golmaal and etc. These movies genre hype hence whistle and clapping in which audience like to be entertained.

I don't agree that masala films its history based on what said above. Besides Hrithik is already doing Satte Pe Satta which itself is commercial masala cinema like the original version with Amitabh Bachchan. He should know the value of masala films in terms of Box Office and its mass audience.

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matlab ye nahi sudhrega :D

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