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Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy 9 Days WW Collections. 159.90cr Nett in Domestic, 123.90cr WW Share. [ABO]

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That's some great performance in Telugu States, Syeraa is a huge figure there like Shivaaji in Maharashtra and Chiranjeevi is still the biggest so no surprises here.
Reddy has made an average movie.
It has struggled outside Telugu States but still it can emerge sucess.

And look at the figure 159cr nett in 9 days that's the figure Bollywood biggies struggling to score and Megastar is doing it with style.

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No Sye Raa wasn't a huge figure. Infact it took the announcement of this film to shed light on their own true rebel.


I have read books about him in childhood


No one comparable to chatrapati shivaji maharaj in people never understand out emotions with maharaj.

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Fake collections...
Boi says rest of india is 8.5cr and this fellow says 10.9cr..
And in andhra no proper tracking. So its thier wish

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There are exactly two credible box office tracker for Tollywood & ABO is one of them.

Regarding BOI, it is pretty clear about their struggle when it comes to southern circuits.

Sye Raa is still on par to gross 200cr ww share & emerge a clean Hit. It would have been easier if North & dubbed versions had performed better. But it's aiming to achieve it all with just one version now.


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