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War Passes Wednesday test with Flying colours, Now predict it's lifetime collection [poll]

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And and and, #War had passed the Wednesday test too with FLYING COLOURS! Another strong day on cards for this @iHrithik, @iTIGERSHROFF film. The trend in the morning shows and booking for evening and night suggests double digit day. SUPER DUPER HIT!

Now predict it's lifetime as HGOTY looks certain
280-290CR (0 votes)
290-300CR (4 votes, 40%)
300-310CR (4 votes, 40%)
310-320CR (2 votes, 20%)
in Box Office Discussions by Executive Producer (66.2k points)
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7 Answers

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The second option is possible as long as it crushes Kabir Singh's collections and gains the HGOTY tag.

by Assistant Director (43.9k points)
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If its a double digit.... Then its chasing 320cr.

by Super-star (198k points)
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300 cr done.....

Solid year for Hrithik

by Executive Producer (63.7k points)
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300-305cr imo if Wednesday goes into double digits

by Mega Star (225k points)
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Lifetime Kuch bhi ho movie bakwass hai
Aditya Chopra lollzz

by Casting Director (17.6k points)

Look who's talking. Someone who likes Sunny and his D grade 90s movies is commenting on HR.


Only a moron will consider Ghayal, Vishwatma, Ghatak, Border, Gadar and many action films of Sunny as d grade then salman films are not even d grade war will have less than half footfalls of Gadar Sunny is the Baap of Action Superstars war worked mainly because of two action superstars Hrithik and Tiger


Sunny is the Baap of Action Superstars war worked mainly because of two action superstars Hrithik and Tiger.

Read what you just wrote dude. When you're sober.

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Kaabil Underperformed And War Overperformed


by Executive Producer (63.3k points)

Baadshah Bhai...I have not KS so far....but I must say that movie extremely liked by general audiences....I wont buy critics review here...without liking general people movie would not have trended like the way it started wth 20cr and ended with almost 280cr which is better than Dangal in terms of trending....and movie has started with 20cr not like started with 5-8cr and trended....and above mentioned movies were more of weekend movie rather than deserving one...everything was there in their favor like huge star, weekend holiday, ticket price, hype etc...almost half of their collection came in 1st weekend itself...

@Rancho...Boi has made wrong calculation to get footfall of 2000 decade movies...they considered high ATP for those movies...3 idiots which have trended phenomenally should be kkhh or RH or dangal range of footfall....I dont think there was any bad phase of bollywood in that decade....big budget movies used to being produced, there was all types of genre movies released in that decade...many movies has trended supremely, still footfall are lower... how? mnik has more ff than phir hera pheri, kank, masti....talash has more than mangal panday which was record breaker for 1st 7 day...but TOH will have similar ff of entry, masala movie like khakee has not even 1cr footfall..audience kya theatre nahi jate the kya us waqt... vz, mhn, oso, kmg, fanaa should have more ff than what it has mentioned in boi database. 90s, 2000s and 2010 decades has similar phase...yes it cant match it with pre 1986 because there was no other source of entertainment...any way I dont believe boi's footfall theory especially for 2000 decade..


Hmm BOI Ke Footfalls Pe Mujhe Bhi Doubt Hai Par Kar Sakte Hain We Dont Have Any Other Source
Its So Tough To Belive That A Film Like 3 Idiots Hardly Has 20 Lacs Footfalls More Than Dhoom 3
BOI Keeps Saying That 2000s Decade Was Worst Decade Footfalls Went Down To Lowest Levels


BOI Keeps Saying That 2000s Decade Was Worst Decade Footfalls Went Down To Lowest Levels

then how collections were way higher than 90s movies..people were keep coming in cinemas...public ko rok nahi sakte is same public which was in 90s, 00, or 2010 decade....i know multiplex started in 2000s there should be higher atp but there was one or 2 multiplex in mumbai, delhi banglore with running 10-12 shows maximum..not all end of the of the decade it was not still that high like likes lucknow, kanpur, nashik still running huge no. of single screen...and many movies used to record in these centers...any way leave it..


Anyways In My Opinion Kabir Singh Actually Did 100-125 Crs More Than It Deserved!

This answers my question.....thanks to both.....reason why i m curious to know was that just had not seen people criticizing KS like it happens to big films.....reason was, it had Shahid Kapoor so people were lenient not to criticize or call it a fluke at all......question came to my mind maybe when Mr.Hola wrote that it's a bad/average to know forum members view point

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If war does 13cr today then it will do 310-320cr lifetime

by Camera Operator (9.3k points)

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