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Anil Kapoor forthcoming movies

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1) Takht  with Ranveer ,Vicky,Alia and Kareena(Karan Johar)

2) Malang with Aditya Roy Kapoor,Disha Patani (Mohit Suri)

3) Pagalpanti-John and Arshad (Anees Bazmee)

4.Indian 2 with Kamal Hassan (Shankar)
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zabardast....I love this man as an actor....he is the the perfect mass hero with perfect comic timing....He was best in no entry...liked him in jaanbaaz, meri jung, Ladla, deewana mastana, saheb etc...certainly most underrated actor...most hated actor by BOI ....

by Camera Operator (8.2k points)
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they never mentions in there any article about his stardom instead they keep ranting about sanny deol......Anil was huge in late 80s and he was no.1 star 88-90 (3 years)...he has stupendous run from 1986-1990 at box office from meri jung, jaanbaaz, karma, mr. india, tezab, ram lakhan, kishan kaniya, kala bazar, yudh, andar bahar, ishwar, rakhwala, ghar ho to aisa, insaaf ki awaz.were commercially successful movies
....and theekana, awargi, parinda were hugely acclaimed movies...all of these movies were successful except theekana and parinda

Rancho...Boi is right about Beta...he didnt get credit for it success...but same time they hide sunny in chalbaaz...they called narsimha record opener which world it broke Big B's Hum record which was released 5 month before..hum was a historic opener...and would be toss up with khalnayak for top opener of the decade..i dont think narsimha was even bumper opener....1st week collection were 90% in mumbai...and other places it was staggering between 75-85....and hum 99 to 100% for first week then just imagine opening day numbers...people are blindly believing whatever boi says..i except khlnayak no movie has broken hum's opening record...not even khuda gawah


Hmm BOI Has Exaggerated Sunny's Stardom And Box Office Success

They Once Even Said That Sunny Is Bigger Than Anil By A Distance Bcz Anil Can Give Big Openings Only By Backing Of Big Director/Banner Whereas Sunny Can Do So On His Own

Also While Praising Sanjay Sunny And Jackie For Their Longevity (Comparing With Likes Of Kumar Gaurav) They Didnt Praise Anil For His Longevity

Fact Is That Anil Was A Big Top League Star From Late 80s To Early 90s, He Is Surely Among Top 10 Biggest Stars Of 1990s And Even Entire Career Wise He Is Very Successful Having 25 Odd Hits, 5 Odd Blockbusters, 4 HGOTY

Even After 3.5 Decades He Still Is Very Much Active And Is Getting Good Projects Which In Itself Is An Achievement

Apart From This He Is Also A Very Talented And Versatile Actor Having Some Famous Movies/Dialogues/Characters/Songs As Well For His Legacy


They Once Even Said That Sunny Is Bigger Than Anil By A Distance Bcz Anil Can Give Big Openings Only By Backing Of Big Director/Banner Whereas Sunny Can Do So On His Own

this is what I exactly I forgot to fact he considered no.1 star when Big B was giving under performance and flop movie...sunny was never in picture..after it was Sanjay dutt who was top in early 90s..before srk took over...sunny's name only popped up when Boi opened their site...there is no disrespect for sunny...he was huge action star with Ghayal, jeet gadar but never been superstar..most of them were multistarer like tridev, khatrya, vishwatma, border etc..but boi wont consider it as multistarrer and backed up by big director and banner like rajiv rai, j.p. dutta etc..


Hmm Sanjay Dutt Was Biggest Star If We Consider Entire Early 1990s

BOI Is Hypocrite When It Comes To Sunny, They Themselves Say Solo Grossers Is An Important Criteria To Judge Stardom But Sunny Has Less Than 10 Solo Hits Which They Ignore!

Ofcourse Sunny Is Among Top 15 Superstars Of All Time Having 20 Odd Hits And 5 Odd Blockbusters But BOI Shouldn't Exaggerate

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Dhina Dhin Dha ....

by Producer (118k points)
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He will be a valuable player in all these movies. Good to see him multiple times every year.

by Editor (81.9k points)
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Anil kapoor one of the better actor of hindi cinema..........

agar hum late 80s aur 90s ki baat kare to top star actor main gina jayega. anil kapoor ka prime 87 se 92 tak raha.

by Casting Director (18.7k points)
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Tremendous actor and amazing longevity. Too bad his kids could not inspire themselves seeing him.

by Mega Star (225k points)
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Only Takht is likely to do well. KJO is going to do everything he can to make huge so don't be surprised if this one is a BB or Super Hit. Anil Kapoor may steal the show like always in multi starer movies in which will happen with Pagalpanti but will be Semi-Hit or Average at the BO.

Indian 2 has low expecations due to 2.0 which I don't think did well in the South. I think it will be worth watching for Kamal Hassan character and how it unfolds based on the ending in the prequel.

by Assistant Director (43.9k points)
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Anil Kapoor is a very talented young actor, very versatile too, the way he played the role of Father of Saqib, Daisy in Race 3 & Sonam early this year despite being a decade younger than them shows that.

He has bright future, he's much better than others of his generation like Ranbir, Ranveer, Varun etc.

by All Time best! (268k points)

Go easy tb. You will hurt their massive fan following.

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  1. Takht is historical movie so its a flop at the box office because no bollywood historical film hit in today's time without controversy.

  2. Malang is clearly a flop due to aditya roy kapoor.

  3. Pagalpanti is average to semi hit in best case as the box office.

  4. Indian 2 is not a bollywood film.

by Assistant Director (52.1k points)

1.Takht although a historical film but still it is directed kjo who dosen't have a failure in his career.
2.Malang yeah it has aditya roy but chichoore also had Ssr so its upto the director and mohit suri has the capability to make a hit out of nothing.
about pagalpanti i agree.


@Ajay kuch bhi bolta hai yr tu. Kesari is a hit historical movie without any controversies.


Oh! I missed that kesari is such a big hit only 1.1 cr footfalls hit with akshay kumar. Clearly says what happen when other smalk star doing historical films.


Lol lol now you will talk shit......

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Anil And Sanjay Have Been Doing Excellent In Their 2nd Innings, Sadly Sunny And Govinda Couldn't Reinvent Themselves

Anyways The Way Anil Is Getting Big Films He Would Surely Have 25 Plus Hits, Infact Can Even Get Close To 30 Hits Mark If He Hangs Around For Another Decade Or So

Sadly His Son Is Not Just A Disaster Actor But Is Also Delusional Atleast Sonam Became A Star And Got Some Success At Box Office But His Son Is Good For Nothing And He Has Audacity To Even Raise Questions On His Father's Advice/Choice Of Films

by Executive Producer (63.3k points)

Downvotes. So many of them.


Hmm Im Noticing It Since Couple Of Days


I can only check on laptop but I do have a hint of who it could be.


Hmm Im Getting Many Downvotes On Posts Comments Answers For No Reason Im Sure Others Are Also Facing This Problem So Action Must Be Taken!

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