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Don't go by Trailer and songs, It's an out and out Hrithik show, He's the Mastermind Genius behind every damn thing.

And yeah he dumbs Tiger as well . He has given his more than 100% in the movie.

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Oh is it? Tiger doesn't want to do two-hero movies with actors of his generation assuming he will get sidelined hence rejecting Takht. Now I hear he got sidelined in this movie by his role model Hrithik Roshan. So much Irony (giggle)

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i think tiger will never face this kinda insult even again in his career...... even side villains dont get so much sidelined ....as tiger was...... in this movie.....

and bigger surprise is ...he's not a background dancer..he's a proper established bollywood actor........ he didn't even question makers what they are doing with his character ....

such a lowest impactful character by a good enough star...... its was even lesser impactful than varun in dilwale ...and no one even remembers varun was in dilwale.....

and that guy tiger shroff..... tweeting and retweeting movie reviews as if he was part of the movie....he obviously wasn't ..... just had his name among cast and crew.

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He Got Record And Bumper Opener (1st Of His Career) Along With Superhit Verdict Film And 1st 50 Cr Opener And 250 Crs Lifetime Of His Career

Not A Bad Deal For Him

He Did What Rishi Kapoor Did In Coolie (There Are Many Such Examples)


by "ANY" stretch of imagination...... it was not tiger's movie.....
he wasn't main hero.... he wasn't second lead....he wasn't main villain....he was half secondary villain...... all of what i wrote....is the as truest as facts can get.


Yup bro even I was expecting him to be 2nd lead but there's no meat in his character.
We all know tiger isn't a good actor but still it felt wasted.
They have made a joke of him in the movie, it almost felt like like Bang bang 2 with tiger getting humiliated after every damn scenes.


there is only one explanation for HR and tiger to sign this movie....... HUGE PAYCHECK.

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If you have seen the movie comment on the review post I've made.

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No one doubted Hrithik's character in the movie, we were just calling out how he was being shown in trailer. Good that they didn't went down that way in the movie.

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Highly laughable.... Yes it's all around Hrithik show...but who said Tiger is Sidelined

Bina dekhe Dialogue baazi mat kariye

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LOL Public was rooting for Hrithik even before climax scene everyone was certain that Hrithik is gonna win.
Hrithik killed all the villians, if I if I gonna tell any further it'll be a spoiler.

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