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in Community Reviews Thread by Mega Star (226k points)

War is the best example how the stylish action film should look like.i personally enjoyed this film.hrithik roshan is the boss of the movie.

First half: 4 stars

2nd entry scene of hrithik is better than 1st.tiger surprisingly delivered good dialogues

2nd half: 2stars
Too lengty chasing sequences becomes boring to watch.

Overall: 3/5

HGOTY possibility


War is one of the better action movies in a while. The hand to handle scenes are good but VFX was off the mark. Post interval I found it much better and the twist though silly, is a good one. Discount HR does decently considering his standards.

Mahn, I got more than my money's worth seeing HR pound, smash outact and show Discount HR his true place. Can we have a Tiger vs Kabir showdown next please?

Rating : 3/5.

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War is Superior and Lofted Action Mania. Hrithik and Tiger both got spectacular Action scenes. Screenplay is engaging and maintaining the pace. Although storytelling is Average .
Siddharth Anand raises Action Bar in Bollywood. but it lacks the soul in Presentation. Twist in the End could have been presented in better way and Director deserved to bashed for that. Siddharth Anand needs to change his Direction style.
Hrithik Eclipsed Tiger in every way possible ,started as a Multi starrer Ended as a Hrithik's One Man Show
When will Bollywood directors realize Action films are not only about action scenes,the action sequences are grandly executed in exotic locations.
It's a slick & stylish action thriller which doesn't make any other compromises such as romance & comedy. Will be a full-blown treat for action buffs. There are quite a few smart twists and turns, to add to the excitement but there rises the concern with War that it tries too hard to be smart and tries to be 1 step ahead of its audiences. The director bombards the film with some unnecessary twists and turns that eventually makes us lose interest in the film altogether.
But overall it's a decent watch and better product looking at Bollywood's ability in making a High octane Action entertainer. It's Bollywood's version of Mission Impossible+James Bond.
And Hrithik gets another franchise in the form of war.
Sid aanand has made a better movie than bang bang , at present indian filmmakers aping their Western counterparts week after week with over-plotted modern-tech-twisty action flicks. Saaho was a recent example but this one has far less flaws than that one, so
My rating 3/5*

by Executive Producer (66.5k points)

Nice review bro. So according to you what will be the lifetime and wom seeing the movie?


250 seems certain to me, Kabir singh can be crossed too.
Somewhere between 270-300cr.


Loved it man. Proud to be an HR fan. So good to see him school Tiger. Film was a one man show. Waiting for a sequel now.

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Watched it just now and loved it. Unlike bang bang the story is really good, the twists are believable and not easily predictable and the screenplay is engaging. Action scenes are superbly executed easily the best action sequences in a big budget entertainer of bollywood movie
Coming to the performances Hrithik's unreal screen presence watch out for his entry scene literally he created mass hysteria with his swag. Tiger is okay most of the time but he is superb in climax scene.
Whoever gave the Bgm of this movie deserves full marks amazing one specially the opening credits, kabir and khalid theme literally awesome

Negatives : songs r out of place, vani and Hrithik story is little stretched

Ratings - 4/5 its my favourite action movie of the decade along with tiger zinda hai

by Location Manager (7.2k points)
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Okay I watched it today. Here's my two cents on the movie.

This is not HR vs Tiger movie. This is a full blown HR movie which it should be. Tiger or arguably any other superstar Currently running on the Bollywood roster (Maybe Salman.. Maybe) would never compete with HR with the kind of looks and sheer charisma he possesses. I felt it was fantastic on part of Tiger to agree to do such a movie where he would be no more than a second fiddle to the man HR. Surely it must have been his pleasure.

The movie is bad though. Why the constant cheesy scenes where HR and Tiger are shown to be fighting together like it's a big deal. Yeah we got it the first time, move on. The background music was plain, nothing extraordinary or even decent. Action wise it was a big letdown for me.
Having seen MI movies of Cruise, I might have been spoiled and had expected atleast some face saving over there but no. All the action scenes fell flat for me. And what's with Tiger and his lipsticks? Man have some shame! My GF said why's he applying so much of lipstick!
The story sucked again. What I wanted was pure unadulterated battle between those two. What I got was SPOILER ALERT Tiger' s character dies in the first half itself and some ugly nobody gets a plastic surgery and becomes what Tiger's character was. What a shame. Let him go full negative. Let him kick HR's *** (which that ugly nobody did in the climax). I was so disappointed to see that.

And the most important of all. The idiot, the moron, the biggest chutiyaa in the world who cut that trailer. What were you smoking you bastardd. HR and Tiger shake hands and until that point the action scene that was shown in trailer had not happened. I knew right there itself that Tiger was the villain.

Yeh chutiyee 200 crore ki movie bana lete hain but itni bhi akal nahi ki trailer me kya dikhaye?

Final words. Though I didn't like the movie, I got my money's worth by watching that god gifted perfect humam being on screen in his full glory. HR maybe the most perfect movie actor in the world right now. There I said it.

by Assistant Director (53.9k points)

Exactly, HR made this movie, he carried this movie, HE IS THIS MOVIE.

And also agree about showing HR vs Tiger final fight in trailer, and that too with all blood and wounds, made it too obvious.


Actually it doesn't justify the title war, it would have been cracker if tiger would have gone full blown grey unlike some Sidevillian doing plastic surgery and that made the much hyped climax part uninteresting and the whole buildup to Khalid's story izzat/gadar part unnecessary.
Aditya Chopra made a huge blunder, if not for that the same movie would have collected much more.

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well yeah....i thought movie could have pulled a better show.....but it was unbearable......

you know it all by now.... you have seen it .... you have read all reviews.....

i just want to ask....

1 - when tiger was shot trying to save HR...... how did he forget he was shot ....and also there should have been blood...i mean thats humanly impossible to get shot ...have no blood and then forget that you just got frickin shot

2 - HR got shot in the neck in the same scene...... its the neck for gosh sake...they dont survive..getting shot in the frickin neck....what are you doing.. if you so want main lead actor to survive ... choose some other body part like the head ....

3 - in the same scene.... when they are shielding themselves from bullets using very thinn wooden table and barrels ......mjhe mithunda ka ye scene yaad a gaya


i mean please try ...even a little bit......

4 - tiger's face changed..... voice changed...oh good.....but does entire body changing come alonngside ...

5 - imran nitin k charlie ...if we are ever going on partially frozen lake trip in a ship.... lets take 3 sports cars alongside ...... because if we need'em by magic and convenience ........ only two appear...as we saw in war.

6 - if you are going on such a high speed bike ride .....try not to collide with a thin unbreakable wire on your way...because that willl cut you in half .....unless ofcourse..... you are one of the side villains in war


7 - police chasing Tiger and HR on the bridge>HR jumps off bridge>tiger standing there> police reaches spot>. Tiger just WALKS AWAY>police forgets they were chasing him>and they lived happily ever after

...... guys .... audience is watching ... what are you doing .... shake hands before you go

7a - ...HR had to come out of water eventually he's not fully evolved to breathe underwater ......... so how about just waiting on the bank....he'll swim to you

8 - indian secret service office.... a suspended officer..... can come and go for weeks as he pleases..... umm no sir.... there would be restrictions

i swear this list can go on and on and on ....these are just two scenes.....

by Super-star (198k points)

Brother good review but stars to de dete yaar?

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Such a baseless movie..only action..even the action is copy paste from hollywood..worst movie of hrithik career.

by Production Accountant (24.2k points)

Watch main Badhiya tu bhi Badhiya from Sanju. Leave HR movies to us fans

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