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Note: Following BOI's figures.

Mission Mangal Actuals Closest Predictors
Day 1


Weekend 67.39cr CultCharm
Week 116.68cr mr.hola

Batla House Actuals Closest Predictors
Day 1 14.81cr Ajay, God Father, Roman
Weekend 31.36cr mr.hola, Roman
Week 54.42cr Roman

Saaho Actuals Closest Predictors
Day 1 25.82cr power
Weekend 80.75cr Ajay
Week 120.9cr Ajay, Roman

Dream Girl Actuals Closest Predictors
Day 1 9.43cr Iabhi
Weekend 43.22cr dipokbarman
Week 70.12cr shah

Congrats to all winners. Your points will be updated shortly. Roman will get 1500 bonus points for getting all Batla House predictions right.

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Congrats to all users. Points updated


@Intense @mr.hola I have made 4 predictions right
So I should get 2000 points+1500 points bonus (For getting all batla house prediction right).
But my points are still less, I think only 1500 points have been given to me.


Intense can answer that. I have only announced the winners and clearly written that the 1500 points are bonus. The rest is left to Intense.


I had seen that and updated Roman's points too, the forum has not been working for me since the past 2 days. I checked the profile, 2000 points have been updated

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Saaho weekend and week both prediction is right and batla house day 1 rediction is right. So how many points i earned here? Can anyone tell me.

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Bro each correct prediction is worth 500 points, so you earned 1500 points.


Ok thx.

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