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Sanjay Dutt joins the sets of KGF Chapter 2.

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Explain from which angle Kurukshetra collected any sort of figures to be 2nd or 3rd? For one BKT didn't explode with huge collection. The floods played huge spoilsport for the film. So where exactly did it collect the money from?

I wouldn't deny Darshan's popularity/hardcore fan following which is definitely similar to Salman's. I know it firsthand.

And I really wish Yajamana was atleast average at the box office for Darshan's sake which it wasn't. Knowing how much his fans have backed him, hope he comes across with a deserving film atleast.


@Ragsblr best Source regarding Karnataka box office on Twitter ... Maybe you know

Raghu Nandan Reddy
Sep 15

Kurukshetra Final status - A clean Blockbuster in Karnataka. Film performed well in each & every centre. All parties involved in the business are happy


Kurukshetra 6th Week Shows in Bangalore region Were 116 .. #KGF had 122 Shows ...

BMS total tickets Selling collection of the film is 27 Cr .. (2nd Highest After #KGF in Sandalwood) #KGF 44 Cr in BMS (Kannada version)

Movie did massive business despite floods .. & completing 50 Days tomorrow on record number of Centres in Karnataka ..

how many sources now do you want regarding #Kurukshetra ..

Darshan next 2 movies After #Odeya Will be biggies .. makers planning to release in multiple languages ..


Why should I search for sources on Twitter? I've got my direct source for Kurukshetra & his name is Rockline Venkatesh.

You can follow any source & believe them. As far as Kannada box office is concerned, I'll stay tight lipped regarding what I know for sure.


Yeah its Ok ... everyone has own source ... but was just telling you Darshan is Definitely in Top 3

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KGF 2 is one my most awaited movie next year looking forward to it

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Baba will give a terrific performance. Hope his villain act is on an Agneepath level.

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It should be better than KGF. It will destroy some record.

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