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What will be the reaction of haters if Dabangg 3 becomes yet another HGOTY for Megastar?

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I am just asking what will hater wonder if Dabangg 3 becomes yet another HGOTY for Megastar Salman khan and for those who say Khans Era is over, coz After TZH Dabangg 3 is looking like a true blue blockbuster material for Megastar Salman khan even now fans are super confident about it coz of strong star cast, storyline, and music, now all eyes are up just for the teaser and trailer and I am sure there will be a big surprise for all the haters to watch out
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7 Answers

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So you don't expect it to become one? I mean HGOTY so far is just 278 crs, it should beat it, infact it might have to not even beat KS, who knows War or H4 end up few crs ahead of KS, so that it'll have to beat them.

If not then it'll be first year ever since PK, they Bollywood won't have a 300 crs grosser.

by All Time best! (268k points)



HGOTY is just 278cr

How many times srk did that numbers??

How many times Salman did more than 278?

278 is not a small number

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I will reserve opinion till the trailer. As of now, I feel KS will be hgoty. The best D3 will end up with is 210-220cr. Mark it, social media and so called neutrals will bash it like anything....the same people who made Simbaa a BB. Negativity for the Khans is at an all time high. I hope I'm proven wrong though

by Mega Star (225k points)
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Tamil, Telugu And Kannada version Collection will be 50 cr nett approx So requirement of HGOTY 227 Cr in hindi version and its Salman zoner movie. Single screens is on fire so even bad wom hgoty is confirmed.

by Assistant Director (52.1k points)

How much you think Dabangg3 collected min. In dubbed versiin in down south. Share your opinion. @suhas


Ajay, we have to wait for Syeraa performance in Karnataka for that.


Ok Pailwaan Collection in Karnataka? Can Anyone tell me because its sudeep movie.


@Ajay just know if you see anywhere that Pailwaan has done 100cr, then don't believe it.

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Salman doesn't need another hgoty,10 in BOI and 11 in all other sites is beyond any other Actor.Hope only the movie to be good.

by Producer (113k points)

Tom cruise, sadly we haven't made a rule on the forum to ban people for being stupid, wish we had would be the first recipient of that honour.

This is the millionth time I've seen you spam the same crap on an answer. Your right to question is already done with, start being sensible (by your low standards), if you wish to continue commenting or answering.

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Well War has the maximum chances as of now because there are 2 things that might go against D3, 1st its director who has pathetic records with original scripts (just look at R...Rajkumar, SIB and that horror show AJ). Then its just 1 open week for D3 as Good Newzz is releasing a week after. But, if somehow Prabhu Deva delivers a miracle then War has to be an below average product because as of now there is nothing going against War. So my bet is on War for HGOTY. D3 can be in top 3 for sure given that Prabhu kripa barsaye aapni.

by Unit Manager (33.7k points)

no brother....D3 too have great chance..even prabhu neatly copy paste it with earlier dabaang still it will have great chance to score 200cr min...people in india are starve for desi will do huge in small centers and pockets..war can go either way...because its looks more hollywoodish action.....but opening of war will record for sure...if it connect well with audiences then first 400cr from bollywood..


Yeah but War could have had chances of underperforming if it was released on a normal date, but it has at least 3 big and 2 small holidays in its 1st week only. No matter what collections should not go below 20cr for 1st 7 days and 1st day will be 45cr+ for sure so 200cr should be a cakewalk for it with wom like Bang Bang. If it doesn't happens we will have to rethink over the boxoffice pull of both the lead actors.


Sandeep doing his role of a disguised hater posing as a neutral quite well here. Hahahahahahahaa. I like this. Very clever. Keep It up.


Can you let me know Intense what makes you think that? If War doesn't do 200cr with such a release then even you will have to think over the boxoffice pull of Hrithik and Tiger. War is possible the biggest a Bollywood movie can get in last 2-3 years. If such an unrealistic movie like Super 30 can do 150cr without any holidays than whats wrong in I expecting War to do 200cr minimum. Even TOH did almost 150cr.
And that thing you mentioned is your job not mine. A person who is so cautious that he started jinxing 4 months in advance.

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It needs to outdo Kabir Singh first and WAR depending on its lifetime collections. Everything depends on the WOM and how audiences respond to this movie. Hopefully, Salman Khan & Prabhu Deva will give something that will be better the second one. There's a concept which has a prequel in this film which looks good on paper but it depends on the screenplay. It needs to be different than the last two not using the same template.

by Assistant Director (43.9k points)
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there is no megastar, masala action movie with item songs, blockbuster franchise, holiday release with hike ticket price, multi languages release and above all earlier reports are far HGOTY KS look tiny in front of giant project....Last year simbha did 240 cr in hindi only with average wom with 6-7 ranked star....toh salman to megastar hai...450 to mangta hai....

by Camera Operator (8.2k points) 2 flags

Same like zero had entire bollywood as cast promotion started 2 years back but again not even crossed 2 year tubelight


salman ke bare me achcha bhi bolo to negative votes aur fag milte hai........ok i will D3 wont cross 100cr...happy

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