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Most Awaited Song of the Year Jai Jai Shivshankar From WAR

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From biggest dance no of the year to biggest disappointment, it took just minutes. Anand is a weak director, but always had good music sense but this time failed in music too.


@Intense same here & i agree with you completely ..


Yaar I dont know why people disliked it so much.

I loved it. I loved to see how easily Hrithik moved while Tiger was making it look tough


Just that they slowed Tiger down. And it showed. Tiger has speed. Remove that his dance doesn't show the same grace. Hrithik has grace. Either way the choreography wasn't the issue. It is the song which is just not easy on the ears even after multiple hearing.

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WTF what's wrong with Yrf .. Tiger's has been introduced 1st, he has more screen time in the song & more importantly he is shown in the right side & Hrithik was completely sidelined in this song just like in the Action scenes from the trailer ...
Utterly disappointed to see Hrithik is sidelined against Tiger ..
Even the dance has choreographed to suit Tiger more than Hrithik ..

by Producer (118k points)
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Tiger has more stunts and better steps than Hrithik I agree.


Its shocking to see what YRF did here. I hope this isn't a race 3 like scenario where the superstar is somewhere in the background and the sidekick is taking all the important scenes

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you know .... we'll watch and decide.... but i was really hoping for a "Fire from kites" type of setup ...a club song..... a dance off ..... these two are best dancers..... lets see 30 more minutes

hope this gives the movie a real big bush..... the movie needs to go over 250cr for a HIT verdict..... HR has 4 hits in past 13 years ...he needs it badly.

by Super-star (198k points)

Yup as i suspected..... Its nothing like that... Its more of a celebration song than a dance off.... Bollywood has hundreds of these songs release every year.... Huge opportunity missed.

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This is a face off? This is just so bad.....YRF have got everything wrong about this movie right from the trailer till will be a miracle now to get to a face saver on the 1st day. This one...hardly qualifies as the biggest song of the year. Bad lyrics, even worse visuals.

by Mega Star (225k points)

Face Saver
Biggest opening of the year in worst case and Biggest opening of All-time shall happen.

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Tiger Dance -
Hrithik Dance -
Song -
Choreography -

by Assistant Director (52.2k points)
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Very Bad choreography ... u cal this faceoff when u have top 2 dancers.. sheer stupidity..

by Assistant Director (42.0k points)
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Decent song...........

by Assistant Director (43.9k points)
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This Movie will be Another Huge FLOP...
This will not collect even 100cr jhaatu tattu director sidharth SONG copy Movie bhi copy hogi

by Casting Director (17.6k points)

Mohenjo Daro lifetime is the target


Don't overact film will be blockbuster

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Face-off kahan hai? Style kahan hai? Director ke music sense ko kya hua hai? He's always had good songs. Hope movie achi ho. 200 to karde.

by Editor (81.9k points)
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Really shocked to see all negative comments here. But IMO its one of the best dance song ever.Tiger & hrithik dance just WOW.

by Assistant Director (57.0k points)
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the reaction is totally different from the real world from auper30 trailer till now i mean really read some weired openion here . people go gaga over hrithik here specially his entry in astyle . in the term of audio i agree its ordinary one but as avedio for aholly song this is the best you can get and focus the save and kaap the best to theatre

by Costume designer (1.1k points)
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from trailer and footage in song Tiger is bigger star than Hritik at the moment...Hritik may be huge star in 2000s and early 2010s but cant deny tiger's popularity today that he get equal screen space though not better ....hope Hritik will have bigger and central role in actual..

by Camera Operator (8.2k points)

really i mean really from where you get that and from trailer to songs hrithik is the highlight the problem here you and orher dont undeestand two hero film always want main and secend role i mean in avengers infinity way thor role and scene is the beat so he is bigger all its about how the story will go and they make it clear this is two strong role not like dhoom its morw like the old two hero film with akki and sunil ir karan arjun

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