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Saaho All Formats Update - India And Overseas [BOI]

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Saaho is heading for an all India finish of 295 crore nett in all formats. It will fall short of the 300 crore nett though it can be among the top ten NETT grossers of all time in India if it can cross the 295 crore nett of Padmaavat. The 295 crore nett total of that film was also in all formats.

The Hindi version is by far the best as it will finish near the 150 crore nett while the domestic market of Nizam / Andhra will do around 112 crore nett (not including Hindi and Marathawada). The Overseas business of the film will close at around $11.50 million which will mean a final worldwide gross finish in the 415-420 crore range. This will be the 14th highest total ever worldwide for a film released on multiple formats. The all India business of Saaho till date is as follows.

Week One- 2,53,17,00,000
Week Two - 35,24,00,000 apprx
Week Three - 4,00,00,000 apprx (5 days)

TOTAL - 2,92,41,00,000 apprx

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That moment when a film does 420 cr worldwide and is still a flop lol.

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only if its budget was moderated a li'l bit more

by Executive Producer (67.5k points)

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