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How did KGF make 12cr nett in Karnataka from only 400 screens?

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Were ticket rates expensive like 300-400 rs?

In this case a big film releasing on 4.5k screens should do 100 cr nett.Isnt it?
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  1. Yes, tickets are expensive in South India for such biggies. That's how you get that big number.
  2. Now see 400 screens, 250 out of that were single screens, with 5-6 shows a day, that goes to 1300 shows approx, with a seating capacity of around 10 lakh approx, that alone gives capacity of 15cr GROSS or more. Then there were multiplexes.

Similarly, in Tamil Nadu, you get even 30-35cr on just 600 screens. There are single screens with a single-day gross of 25-30 lakh even in B&C centres and yes Bollywood films have really underwhelming opening and business. Baahubali 2 and Endgame showed how poor our openings are and Baahubali 2 showed how puny our so-called ATBBs are.

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SRK ki bas ka nahi bol


Oh so War is going to open at 80cr?


SRK ki highest opener se zyada hoga.


SRK highest opener is 50cr GROSS and inflation-adjusted 70cr. Good luck crossing that.

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Yess...Karnataka has higher ticket rates in South States on Average ...When compared to Telugu States & Tamil Nadu.

But only 4 bigger metros Banglore, Hubli-Dharwad,Mysore & Manguluru could fetch full occupancies on Day1 with those flat rates.

Other tier 2 cities & Rural towns ticket rates wouldn't go that high mostly caped below 150rs.

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