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The upcoming movie I'm most excited for is KGF C-2

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Seriously yes! I'm most excited for KGF C-2. Heck! I'm so excited for it that I want it to release asap and I want it to be so well made that it really should not dissappoint me even by an inch.

So I want to know... A movie of the scale KGF C-2 dissappoint us in what ways ???
in BOI Update by Executive Producer (67.5k points)

2 Answers

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The more the expectations the more the chances of disappointment
Any film can disappoint coming to KGF 2 yeah i am also looking forward to it

by Executive Producer (67.6k points)
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Yeah, can't wait for this and hope it's better than the prequel. It can only disappoint if the trailer isn't up to standard or if the screenplay goes wrong.

Casting looks great as well with Sanjay Dutt & Raveena Tandon have done a movie together since 1996.

by Assistant Director (43.9k points)

Is raveena also there in KGF 2

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