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What do you think About Geetha Govindam

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Just today I saw Geetha Govindam movie with sub & I think that is one of the best rom-com Telugu movie to watch. But while watching it, i just thought that if the movie would have released in more languages, then it could have done better in the box office. What do you guys say?
in Non-Bollywood by Costume designer (1.0k points)

3 Answers

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Geetha Govindam happens to be my 1st Vijay devarakonda's film & from then onwards i'm trying to watch all his earlier & later films ..
Just loved the whole chemistry between Vijay & Rashmika ....
If there was no strong performance from Rashmika then GG wouldn't that effective as now .
A solid 4/5 * to the movie & 5/5 to Vijay & 4.5/5 to Rashmika ..
I won't be surprised if bollywood remakes it in future ...

by Producer (118k points)

After Kabir Singh they are making Jersey where Nani is the lead... & the best part is that even in jersey we have Shahid Kapoor.

There were rumors that Geetha Govindam would have a remake, but that's al a lie...

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Fantastic rom com.. Loved it to the core.. Vijay Devarkonda played a completely contrasting character right after Arjun Reddy.. Rashmika was fabulous.. Always wanted it to be remade in Bollywood but badly need Shahid Kapoor but don't think it will happen.. Even if a remake materializes,shahid definitely won't do a third remake I think after Jersey remake..

by Second Unit Director (77.9k points)
–1 vote

Nice Entertainter...Loved it back then not any more now.

I was literally forced to watch a mulitple times in RTC video coach buses again again in my back and forth journeys.
RTC should upgrade themselves to Amoan Prime so that we regular commuters could get some relief :p

by Executive Producer (68.1k points)


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