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The Undisputed Pan India Superstar. Saaho new Blockbuster 2nd week poster.

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Wtf ....


Bollywood Makers who despite their Big Market spend hardly ₹35 Cr on Production Costs and fill the pockets of Actors and Directors should up their game and make quality films. The South is Coming for you folks!. Expect 3 Pan Indian Films Every Year!. #KGFChapter2 #RRR #Prabhas20

These People Live In Fools Paradise


@rancho....its true.... And these are . Exactly my words which I have been saying for years now
Otherwise you can not justify the onscreen look of uri the surgical strike and Tiger zinda hai.... As if anything uri looked bigger... While ... One is a 40cr budgeted one is 210cr
Bharat looks more like a 40cr akshay kumar movie like those airlift type... There is no way you can say its made on 240cr.
And then there is a tubelight.... No one charged money for it... And it looks like such a small drama movie... I would say maximum 20cr budget justifies it... And all of this stands true... For aamir khan movies as well... More than Salman Khan

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This is so just worst buildup Telugu industry gives.
Everyday releasing a poster with collection and latest poster says 350cr gross and biggest hit of the year of india where as kabir Singh grossed 377cr worldwide..
So much of self praising ..and this andhraboxoffice is backing this film so much and blaming hindi movies nd insulting them..
But our boi. Com insults our own hindi film lol..

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No one cares....
Salman khan is busy making money... For the remaining years he has as solo hero.
Srk is busy with his family..
AAMIR Khan is non existence...
Big movies from South are the new way forward... They are the new leaders of indian boxoffice....
And rightly so... They truely deserve...
As I said before
It will take Bollywood 15 years to match the scale of Baahubali.... And 25 years to break its records
The reason is simple south people are ambitious... Bollywood people are text book amateurs.... Who take making film as a hobby...
Go ambitious or go home.... And for Bollywood it's time to go home

by Super-star (198k points)

and at that one was interested in his movies.....if anything they still are not..... what his movies do is run on WOM..... that is different.... an ayushmaann khurana movie can also run on WOM..... interest us movie ka hota hai jis ko opening lagti hai.


Akshay was down at that time cz of poor choices he made but anybody would have known his starpower and pull he has as an action-comedy star, people really really admire he got 20cr plus opening twice in clashes......and both films were not even sequels......acha time chal rha Akshay ka.....doing film with your favorite Rohit Shetty too...he has audience trust now, a lot more than he ever had


Wo action comedies ka hi time tha my mahn... Singh is bling boss khiladi 786 houseful 3 brothers ouatimd entertainment gabbar.... They all were huge underperformer.... This is a huge list..filled with action comedies as you say...his star power in this genre... . . And all were fully commercial movies underperforming on opening

Now he has audience trust... But to what level... We'll see.
Audience trust means.... Sooryavanshi can be excluded as Rohit shetty is biggest brand in masses and Mumbai... He can give 25cr opener even with ranveer Singh...
Houseful 4 has to open to 40cr+.... On diwali without any big movie releasing alongside..


dekho kya bnta Houseful 4 ka.....ab ** to Akshay acha ja rha h in terms of opening if not excellent

films you have mentioned were mostly bad films for audience, Rowdy Rathore opened to 14cr i think.....n 14cr was a very good number back then when 2 yrs later Salman came with a film after a year gap and gave 17cr opening.....Akshay was and is doing too many films in a year, that effects opening and film collections too

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Pan superstar lol after sahoo iski halat na bollywood ki nahi south ho kar rahe gayi hai.

by Assistant Director (42.0k points)
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Well Undisputed Pan India Superstar ok

by Executive Producer (67.6k points)
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I find him better than the new generation clowns we have, but pan India superstar is stretching things way too far. Warning sign for Bollywood. South and Hollywood starting to dominate now. Our future isnt looking good.

by Mega Star (225k points)
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Bollywood Needs To Stand Up, Its Now Or Never
They Need To Block Prabhas And Other South Indian Actors/Movies To Make Sure Bollywood Films And Actors Are Safe!

by Executive Producer (63.3k points)

This is a step back, future of cinema is progression. As an audience i want content & entertainment. I don't care whether it comes from Bollywood or any other industry. And market works like that. If Bollywood makers sense that audience is willing to do that then they'll do that too.


The fault lies within bollywood i mean they are running behind multiplex films leaving such huge mass audience
Atleast big Superstars like Salman SRK Aamir should do universal films let these new young gen wannabe daniel day lewis do all these multiplex films


I see bright times for Bollywood ahead because people now are choosing films based on content. Sahoo might be not a good movie but at least it tried to give audience a kind of experience.
So its a wake-up call for all the Gigastars and Megastars and directors of our industry who just cast them thinking that their name is enough to get a movie to the respectable total.
Today funda is quite clear give a good product or at least a grand looking product and get a good result.
The time Bollywood start producing some real good movies with great mass appeal it will always be on the top no matter what other industry throws to us.


Rancho Bollywood is foolish. From SRK and HR clashing and creating negativity to Aamir and Akshay clash in 2020 to Farhan clashing with War....Bollywood is obsessed with massaging its ego.

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