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Predict in the following order:

Opening Day

Opening Weekend

First Week

BOI's figures will be considered. One correct prediction is worth 500 points, while the one who gets all 3 right will get 1500 points bonus. Make your predictions in solid figures, not in a range.

This post will be closed at 8am on Friday, answers posted/edited after that time limit will not be considered.

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1st day- 7cr
1st weekend- 25 crore
1st week 42 crore

by Casting Director (16.6k points)
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1st day- 9 cr
1st weekend- 40 crore
1st week 65 crore

by Assistant Director (57.0k points)
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by Production Designer (13.8k points)
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Opening: 8cr

Opening Weekend: 27cr

First Week: 45cr

by Assistant Director (44.0k points)
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This movie could be the game changer for SSR. I presume that the movie will have the best WOM in recent times and a very good trending.

My prediction:
Day 1: 11 crores
Weekend: 51 crores
Week 1: 85 crores

Lifetime: Could cross 175 crores.

by Camera Operator (12.0k points)
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1st day- 7cr
1st weekend- 30 crore
1st week 43 crore

by Assistant Director (52.2k points)
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Having good vibes from this flm. Will be a huge hit among youth.

1st day - 11 cr
1st weekend - 45 cr
1st week - 78 cr

by Super-star (189k points)
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8cr: Opening
28cr: Weekend
44cr: Week 1

by Mega Star (226k points)
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1 st day-7.5

by Producer (114k points)

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