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Hrithik Roshan

Debut 2000- 9 Hits, 5 Blockbusters

Ranbir Kapoor

Debut 2007- 6 Hits, 2 Blockbusters

Ranveer Singh

Debut 2010- 5 Hits, 2 Blockbusters

Varun Dhawan

Debut 2012- 6 Hits, 0 Blockbusters

Tiger Shroff

Debut 2014- 3 Hits, 1 Blockbuster

On A Side Note- Hits And Blockbusters Of Top 15 Superstars Of Bollywood Including 5 Of Them Who Are Still Acting In Movies


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Hrithik won't be considered among younger stars. He will be ranked along with Khans, Kumar & Devgn.


No One will topple Salman for sure

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Hrithik,10+ Blockbusters( only Actor I admire among the so called 12 years new)
Tiger, future mass hero
Ranbir, he will be said to be a megastar in future with no records to support with
Ranveer , lucky to be in the books of Rohit
Varun in order for Blockbuster and superhits.

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Hmm Ranbir Is In His Late 30s(37th Year), Has Been In Industry For Close To 15 Years (13th Year) And Still Is Considered As A Young Star Just Bcz He Has 6 Hits And 2 Blockbusters So Far!


As BOI Said By The Time Khans Reign Will Be Over The Young Stars Who Would Replace Them Will Not Actually Be Young Due To Hugely Sustaining Innings Of Khans!

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If HR plays his cards well, 20 hits to hone hi chahiye. The rest......meh.

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Hrithik isn't counted because he isn't part that generation. He there's with the 90s actors.

These youngers will get BB with big banners................. I can't deny they are stars but craze and love isn't anything compared to Khans, Hrithik, Akki & Ajay.

Ranbir --- 8 (He will getting big movies in the future with big banners like YRF, Dharma & Hirani)

Tiger Shroff -- 10 (That won't be a surprise because he's the next kid on the block in terms of the Action genre and has developed a mass following)

Ranveer Singh -- 5 (More SLB movies and Rohit Shetty films to come in future but not mention Tahkt has potential)

Varun Dhawan -- 2 (This could happen because he's playing it safe that's why he is what he is today)

Tiger will have more advantage based on what I said in the brackets above. Let's see if he can give a BB without YRF or his godfather Sajid in future..................

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Lol why will they give hits and blockbusters
Wait for south to overtake by 2025

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Yeh sab 5-7-9-12 saal se next big thing hi hain, thing stars, upcoming stars etc.
Only Hrithik is real deal, baki sab aise hi hain.

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6,8,10,13 Saal

Count The Year In Which They Debuted As Well!

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Hrithik Roshan - 25 hits and 10 BB.

Ranbir Kapoor - 25 hits and 10 plus BB.

Ranveer Singh - 30 hits and 10 BB.

Varun Dhawan - 20 hits and 5 BB.

Tiger Shroff - 20 hits and 7 BB.

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How can someone answer that question? Who knows kiska career kahan jaaye? Someone can retire while someone can be a late bloomer like Akki.

Not counting HR, the only who'll have the most hits/blockbusters will be Ranveer, followed by Varun, then Ranbir, then Tiger. That's what I'm feeling looking at their current trajectory.

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