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Mission Mangal had a drop in business in the third weekend due to the release of Saaho but it still managed healthy collections of 9 crore nett. This takes the figures of the film 181 crore nett with the figures in Mumbai clsing in on the 60 crore nett mark which will be a first for an Akshay Kumar starrer.

The film has done superb business as a 190 crore nett finish is a huge number for this film which did not have any commercial elements. It will be the highest Akshay Kumar NETT grosser though the GROSS will not beat 2.0 (Hindi) but this film cant really be compared with film considering the zone of Mission Mangal which is basically a small film. The business of Mission Mangal till date is as follows.

Week One - 1,22,82,00,000

Week Two - 48,95,00,000

Friday - 1,50,00,000 apprx

Saturday - 3,00,00,000 apprx

Sunday - 4,50,00,000 apprx

Third Weekend - 9,00,00,000 apprx

TOTAL - 1,80,77,00,000 apprx

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When its trailer released everyone was like this is just one another moderate success for Akki, some were like John will win the clash again blah blah. No body gave it a chance for even 150cr because everyone knew that how limited appeal MM will be going to have.
But, now when MM has actually earned almost 190cr and BOI is stating that how big this had gone people (mostly in this forum) has come out to show their hypocrisy as they can't stop bashing BOI for every article they publish for MM. Some don't even care now that the article is about MM or any other film like Sahoo.
Come on guys you trust BOI, you want them to hear good from them for your star too but tumhara star achi hit toh de pehle, chalo hit chodo koi movie toh de dekhne le liye. Few guys here think they know more that BOI about the business then darling they have been in the business since decades but you come to know about these stuffs once you come to know about this site or any source like this. Yaa they had little info, sources and data for south so they don't comment more but for Hindi belt they are the best and they understand the every bit about how this market work. But, of course they can't be right everytime but some of you are wrong everytime because you just sit at home paas your comments and they have the network, have contacts with cinema owners who provide them the report and response of every movie and most importantly they have a system evolved to do this job.
So, when they state something, if you can't agree, don't try to be cool dude kind of guy who knows these things better than this site. No, you don't, I know it and even you know it too.

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@Sandeep...Let me know if u find Akshay being referred anywhere as "Canadian" citizen to mock him......that post will be hidden and if that user continues to do so..will be given a warning...


Yeah sure Abbie.
Intense lets call it a day for now, but wanna let you know that even Salman killing people can also be my opinion. Since its not clear so even you can't say that he didn't but I am sorry for bringing this here.


Don't argue with them


and also @Sandeep...I wanted to bring it to your attention....that @Intense is the Best Admin we have right now ....He is doing his best...and we are all thankful to him....but u have to understand that He is also a Human too...He also have his opinions/feelings...and He always expressed it within his rights/rules....so u may differ with his opinions.....but at the end of the day...we all are family here....so this Nok-Jhok..is part of that...

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Chandrayan 2 worth it 180cr lifetime alone rest aki n team contributes..

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190 crore nett finish is a huge number for this film which did not have any commercial elements
Lol no commercial elements lol BOI isn't even trying to show itself as neutral

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Lol, kitna giroge BOI? How much money are you getting?

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Wait for his next commercial films like Sooryavanshi, Bachan pandey & Laxmi bomb ..

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Only Akshay Kumar can do this film well done and congratulations to Mission Mangal Team specially Vidya Balan and Jagan Shakti film is excellent and much better than so called blockbusters

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Hypocrisy at its peak , most of the people on the forum were predict batla house to win the clash against MM but after the success of the film it becomes a commercial film and deshbhakti package then the same should be applied on dangal which is full on deshbhakti packaging or a sultan and bajrangi bhaijan but when Akshay Kumar's film got success only then it is deshbhakti at that time boi getting paid critics gave false reviews all happened even some said the five actress are reason while non of them have a single hit in last 3-4 years but for other stars it's just because of those stars wah .

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Even War will be having those patriotic elements that he hated and he says Hrithik has not fall this low to sell his producd. Lol on his logic.



Lol, lol. HR wont give statements like Toronto is my home and I shall settle there and then sit on national TV posing as the biggest well wisher of nationalism


Yes Hrithik is so truthful that he won't even fudge his movies earning no matter what. He is so down to the earth that everyone related to him is so happy with him. His every relationship is so good going. No one complains about him. He is God. Period.


He isn't. But unlike you I rate him for what he is. Nobody is God, not even him.

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