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Kowlsigan is banned for making two fake accounts. One was user God and the other is White Crow. I dont know what makes users do this but they're reminded one account is enough and split personalities arent required around here.

P.S: Ban period is extended by 15 days for making another fake account
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@Intense Great Job mate ....


Thanks @Irdwhelp mate :)


What did Tyler do wrong on this forum? I didn't see any post on him being banned.


Long story Nikeel. Let it go. Been a long time.

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That crap account was from Kowsigan??.....from that apparently innocent Kowsigan? Damn, you lost my respect, Completely. Mir Charlie yeh baat sunein gy to unhay bhi kitna dukh hoga. What they say, ''God gives you respect always, it is you who choose to have disrespect for yourself.''

by Assistant Director (41.3k points)
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Mahn intense.... Words fall short of how great your service is to the forum... ... Cleaning the gutter all alone.
And for reminding mods.... Go home....

by Super-star (198k points)
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What a twist man. This is the kind of twist which we needed in this forum. Better than movies lol.

by Super-star (189k points)
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Well he taught lets make fake acc as aki fan to show aki has a fans n mission mangal success was bcoz of his fans..:D

Waise aki fans hote hai kya mae personally kisi aki fan se mila nai..

by Assistant Director (42.0k points)
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You have banned him but I have my doubts since your actions are not trustworthy.Tom Cruise never created any fake account but you banned him.Both support Akshay Kumar can be the reason

by Camera Operator (11.6k points) 1 flag

Baazigar was banned for making fake account...... Or was he?!


I dont think a man whose main account was banned due to his extremist and retarded thinking should be commenting, especially when his fake account has been allowed to drag on for this long.

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I'm very shocked to hear this, honestly. I thought he was disciplined and well behaved on this forum (As an Akshay Kumar fan) since 2014 when I joined. You know I was going to send you a message to see if you can reveal the true identity behind this account named GOD cos something didn't seem right. Since that account wasn't active for a month or two, I decided to forget about it and now I found that it was Kowisgan.

by Assistant Director (44.0k points)

I blocked @God since he was posting stupid content day in and day out. Later he made another account @White Crow which was an alternate account of God. And finally found both belong to Kowsigan

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Wow never thought that the person behind that fake GOD account
will be Kowsigan
Don't know why he did it he is a good user from what i have seen

by Executive Producer (67.6k points)

And irony is the other day Kowsigan was lecturing me that the forum is not being managed well. Me and tb dont respect akshay, we make fun of new actors. We need to step aside and be normal users. Even I never thought that account belonged to him.


Yeah this was totally unexpected but chlo acha hai thoda masala aaya forum pe good

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@KowsiGun never expected this from you mate ...

Why did you do this tambi ...

by Producer (118k points)

In all fairness... Rkholic is behind all this...
She broke his heart and turned a naive kowsigan into a monster... Who is ruthless at making fake accounts..and pointing fingers... . Its good Charlie runkle is not here to see his such a horrific side... He would have been devastated

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