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Farah Khan career as a Director-

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Main Hoon Na

Opening- Bumper Record Opener and Record Weekend

Verdict- Hit, Blockbuster Overseas and Worldwide Super Hit

Om Shanti Om

Opening- Bumper and Record Weekend

Verdict- Blockbuster, ATB Overseas and Worldwide Blockbuster

Tees Maar Khan

Opening- Excellent and Bumper Weekend

Verdict- Semi Hit, Average Overseas and Worldwide Average

Happy New Year

Opening- Bumper Record Opener and Bumper Weekend

Verdict- Super Hit, Blockbuster Overseas and Worldwide Blockbuster

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Every film opened to bumper weekend most powerful Female Director


Haye Huku Haye Huku Haye Haye

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It's a good achievement and Om Shanti Om is her biggest film to date. Her weakest is Tees Maar Khan but that's because it was a bad movie. If her upcoming film Satte Pe Satta is accepted by the audiences then it will do well at the Box Office with a Super Hit and can potentially score well overseas.

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