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Saaho Has A Very Good Opening

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Saaho (Hindi) has taken a very good opening of 45-50% where it has been able to release in morning shows. Being a film which has made in Telugu makes the opening more impressive. There has been an issue with prints nor reaching cinemas in time for the film to start running from morning which take a toll on the first day collections but still it will be a good number.



It will be a benchmark for dubbed films from South as the other two films had big factors for the Hindi markets. Bahubali - The Conclusion had the plus of the huge appreciation of Bahubali - The Beginning and 2.0 had a big star from Hindi cinema. This film is a standalone film which has taken such a start and will be the target for dubbed films from South. The hero maybe the same from the Bahubali films but that does not make much difference as despite those films the star value is not there.  



The film opened at the level of Bharat at smaller centres in Maharashtra and Gujarat and places like Bihar and Odisha have also seen huge numbers. The early reports are not encoraging and being a dubbed film this does make it tough but the initial is there and if the day does go through it will be big opening number especially for a dubbed film.



The opening of the film is insane Nizam / Andhra and the GROSS collections could even challenge the legendary Bahubali - The Conclusion going by the morning numbers but can they hold at these levels. Karnataka / Mysore also has a huge opening while Tamil Nadu is on the lower side and Kerela is so so.



The strong numbers form Nizam / Andhra, Hindi Markets and Karnataka should be enough to make it the second highest all India opening ever after Bahubali - The Conclusion. The top five at the moment are Bahubali - The Conclusion, 2.0, Avengers - Endgame, Thugs Of Hindostan and Prem Ratan Dhan Payo in terms of all India GROSS collections. In terms of NETT Prem Ratan Dhan payo is replaced by Bahubali - The Beginning.
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After all the hype generated since 2 yrs after baahubali this good opening was expected as we have never seen this kind of thing happened before in Indian cinema, that a south movie beating Hindi movies to become highest grossing hindi movie of all time that too with dubbed version.
But making pan india film is still a difficult task unless you have a A lister from hindi industry.
The opening will be good, but going by reports film will crash from 2nd day in main market that is telugu and followed by hindi markets..
Still dont understand how UV creations trusted sujeeth who is just 1 film old and that too a small film.
Prabhas should have gone with big director, but i dont see anyone in the range of raja mouli..
But ambitions of naking prabhas a pan india star has failed big time.
This is a big set back for him and he should make wise decision and go with regular telugu cinema which attracts telugu audience and leave this pan india thing from now..

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Agreed films like these will never work in b and c telugu centers
Let go of all this pan india bullshit and concentrate on native tollywood

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So Sahoo is really a very big oppurtunity missed
Just look at the opening if only the movie was good
Anyways the Rajamouli curse continues

by Executive Producer (67.6k points)

He should have gone ahead with that Jil directors movie, Another biggest movie ever just raised the expectations and one movie old sujith just ruined it with confusing sluggish screenplay.

Like Rajamouli did after Magadheera, just lowered the expectations .
And why they just copied Agy's template even after knowing it's fate.


Agreed after such a huge hit he needed to do a small film
But this rajamouli curse is just damn

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The state of this site i tell you.

Literally jumping up & down like a kid on MM 28 crs on a national holiday and hete they are finding it not good on a non holiday & disrupted release.

And normally reports don't matter, they are nothing, but in this case they are remembering about reports and shit. Ridiculous.

by All Time best! (269k points)

They find 28cr opening of MM on holiday excellent but same numbers on Nonholiday is not enough.
They still don't find starvalue?


State of your mind is so miserable after seeing the huge success of MM as you just can't know the difference between a solo release and a clash. MM was having occupancy in range of 65-80% and BH had in 55-65% range, had the clash been not happened, MM With 4000+ screens would have had a 40cr+ day. Isn't its such a huge total to jump upside down when you see Akki as a 2nd tier actor.
Such a hypocrisy TB but thats well expected from you. Nevermind!


Except MM wasn't having occupancies in 65-80%.


Maybe I am wrong here and may be it had it between 55-70% or even lower but BH had even lower than that so you give 1500 screen of BH to MM then 40cr would have been easily breached.
The point is given that the clash and Genre (to some extent) opening of MM was huge and I don't see BOI overstating it.

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Plenty of hype plus the scale of the movie has helped it to open well, now it will be downhill from Saturday. Now I'm pretty sure where War will land up.

by Mega Star (226k points)

War has holidays so even if its as bad as Sahoo it will do 150cr in 1st week only and may just end up around 180cr. With better content its the hgoty.

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