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Oops! By mistake voted for Saaho(headbang)

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The amount of stuff they have.... For Saaho.... They could have easily made an incredible and benchmark trailer.... Thats on them...
None of the trailers are great none give a wow appeal... Hrithik vs Tiger trailer is more colorful and visually appealing... Saaho has more action... And better vfx... For Indian audience ( for Indian audience more is better)

Hrithik vs Tiger trailer has been made in only one manner and to keep one thing in mind.... to make Hrithik character look better, superior, more powerful, winner and always in control ... Each and every scene is about him...

I was wrong when i said it will be more equal between two actors .. As the title suggested hr vs Tiger.... But its like an appreciation sequence for Hrithik.... Where he's presented as masterpiece.... And everyone is painting him... Doing their bits... But then again it's just tiger two hits old actor... He still got more than what he deserves...

Saaho trailer is shown as.... We have made three movies worth of stuff and we are gonna show everything in these 3 minutes... They were confused.... It was very disappointing trailer...

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SAAHO to Video Game ka Trailer tha :D

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War By A Distance!

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War easy south trailers are bad most of the times anyways

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war is better..................

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At the very least, War looks better and bigger than Saaho which some people were saying BW needs to take notes from lol
If anyone says other way he's lying

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Telugu fans have already started bashing WAR just saying that WAR is no where close to saaho and its looking like kid.
Hatsoff to them

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Lol, War trailer has its issues but it's still miles ahead of Saaho trailer.

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Sahoo is like full meal thali with some unwanted items...
War is like normal indian meal tried to serve in western style..

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