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WAR Official Trailer,Stars Hrithik Roshan & Tiger Shroff.

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Even without that shot we know what the end is gonna be @Suhas. Guess Adi Chopra thinks Tiger is a future megastar hence gave him the privilege of punching HR


I don't mind Tiger's punches. But don't sideline the bigger star. I get the idea of showing Tiger in full glory throughout the trailer just for the last scene for Hrithik to mouth that dialogue. Like I said, I got the idea, didn't like it.

And those two scenes revealed, eventually Tiger will realise & join hands with his teacher. Even if we knew it, why show it? Ruins the whole fun. YRF over & over again revealing the entire story in their trailers. Smaller films fine but doing it for their event films?! Not clever.


Even after they stopping punch scene, they showed Tiger dominating. HR got one scene but Tiger got three snippets of getting uppar hand, even that dialogue was for nothing.


Agreed Suhas and TB. HR has the more interesting role that is for sure though.

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WAR will be the biggest action movie from.Bollywood this year. So Hrthik plays the villain just like in Dhoom 2. Super exciting. Tiger is the hero here I guess but at the end both will be together. The action scenes look fabulous and the scale of the movie is huge. Can't wait for this one. Teacher vs Student, this movie is gonna ROAR at BO.

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Damn I told them Hrithik is playing negative anti hero role... And they didn't believe me... Anyways its usual Bollywood extravaganza... Every year they have these movies.... Nothing new... Huge opening huge lifetime... Mixed critical acclaim... A hit to super hit tag.... If movie does close to 300cr... With 300cr+ budget

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Yeah mahn, you were right. Though the usual Bollywood twist would be there at the end....where they show HR to be having a reason for it.

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Breath taking Visuals & Action with the new fond Katrina in Vani is looking stunning in every scene ...
Tiger is no match to Hrithik in each & every thing ....

by Producer (118k points)
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Story wise its looking predictable but action looking good
Lets see this one can be a Blockbuster

by Executive Producer (67.6k points)
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45 Crs Opening
300 Crs Lifetime

by Executive Producer (63.3k points)

Shut Up Bro


Plus Tiger is playing hero saving the nation and HR is the villain. Enough for BOI to have multiple......fill in the blanks.


Hmm BOI Will Give Credit To Tiger Like They Gave Credit Of Padmaavat To Shahid As It Is They Like Tiger Much More Than Hrithik But Who Cares Reality Is That Hrithik Is Biggest And Most Successful Star Among All Debutant Actors Of This Century!


Hrithik is in lead, in that sense Amitabh, Bobby and Ranveer shoray must be in lead in Toh, Race3 and Ett, because they were the positive character out there to catch the culprit, save the nation .
Trailer cut was bad, A Superstar should be given upper hand I agree but there must be more beneath it and it doesn't changes the way people look at it.
Hrithik must be out there with some cause.

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It's not bad, it's just not like exhilarating or breathtaking.

And i didn't thought i would see Tigress beating the shit out of HR for 99% of time, only time HR got something was stopping the punch but even after that he got beat.

And too many scenes looking like seen before, specially Vaani's intro scene, and 2 super cars in ice vs a sea based exploding transport, agent gone rogue, other agent to hunt him down.

It's not bad but expected but more from what someone said will show that Bollywood can match Hollywood.

by All Time best! (268k points)

@Roman that what exactly I feel like. Its Kabir show all the way. Now its all upto Anand because he has everything to give the highest grosser of the year.


Very true, it's all about Hrithik.
Either Hrithik is on screen or they are talking about Hrithik and as suhas pointed out tiger coming on top in majority of action scenes is just for the last scene where Hrithik shows who's the real boss, some may like the idea or not but that doesn't mean they are downplaying Hrithik.


Moreover, YRF is not fool to take Tiger just to get his butts kicked by Hrithik everywhere, everytime. He will have his moments and most of them are shown in the trailer. At the end Hrithik will prove his metal and thats what a usual Bollywood film trajectory is. Hrithik is the Hero and Tiger is supporting Hero(not just supporting actor).


Yeah, Iam excited to see Hrithik as a villian and in the second act it will be revealed that Government is the real culprit and Tiger is side hero..
Something like Jason Bourne

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Will go the Thugs way. Critics will tear it apart. Nothing extraordinary. 150cr lifetime is on though. So many were right when they said HR is playing the anti hero/ villain.

by Mega Star (225k points)

think the trailer cut is bad
Just look at the VFX and scale it's top notch for Bollywood standard


What are you talking about the trailer is cut perfectly... That is how good commercial movie trailers are made... Its just doesn't wow us because we have seen all this before countless times


Actually it's about Tiger coming on top in many action sequences as majority of members are complaining about, yrf did go slightly wrong there, fight could have been more even

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Another FLOP...
Bollywood Wale kitna bhi krr le inse aaj taak ACTION movie bani hai achi
Aur bana bhi de to STORY me hagg denge ...
GADAR will remain Biggest Blockbuster in 21st saale aise he 3cr Footfalls prr atke rhnge

by Casting Director (17.6k points)

You're a true disciple of Tauji my man.


What if he is tauji?

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Trailer shows tiger is leading

by Production Accountant (23.8k points)
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Making and visuals seems fabulous however, hope this doesnt turn out to be another movies that everyone labels "style without substance " one.. just like Saaho hope the decent trailer is backed by strong content which from trailer doesnt seem so..

by Second Unit Director (77.9k points)
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This might get me in a theatre and that hasn’t happened more than twice this year.
Watching HR on that big screen will be worth the money for me.

by Assistant Director (53.9k points)
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underwhelming but way better than sahoo

by Assistant Director (42.7k points)

Hahahahaha, yeah GF knows the future...............


its a 5 day weekend. should become hrithik biggest grosser at very least

and unless it is as bad as hny /bang bang /race 3 /toh , 200 cr should not be a big hurdle


Yeah, considering Siddharth Anand is the director, that would be a good result.


if i'm not wrong, he is yet to deliver an unsuccessful movie at bo, so don't worry.

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The trailer looks superb with high octane action sequences and amazing stunts. I think this will be like the Hindi version of Mission Impossible with cat and mouse. Although the story seems interesting but it reminds me Aiyaary a bit. Hrithik Roshan may be portrayed as the villain in the trailer but I feel there might be a twist behind it.

Hrithik looks good and his voice looks perfect hence he will overshadow Tiger Shroff in this film without fail. Tiger is good mainly in action and he might be able to give a decent a performance.

In terms of BO, I think on Twitter are saying it have a 50cr opening but better not get carried away about this. 40+ opening is possible and it challenge TOH as one of the top openers this decade. I don't know about lifetime collections but WOM depends on it. If it's good then 200+ is likely.

by Assistant Director (43.9k points)
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So yrf made kichdi of ett n Dhoom series.. this time production budget might be 60 70cr highest for yrf.... coming to trailer its better than teaser but nothing wow factor....

by Assistant Director (42.0k points)
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Don't know why people are acting so weird. Its Hrithik show all the way, its Kabir who drives the plot and its his actions that make the things going. Khalid is just his student here and if Kabir wasn't there then there wouldn't have been any Khalid. Of course, he can challenge him but I don't see him winning in any fight. It seems like Kabir will hold himself a little against his student beacuse he knows that Khalid is in illusion.
Coming to the the boxoffice then I think this should be the highest grosser of the year with even a little bit of depth to the story and execution as good as Kaabil from Sidharth Anand untill or unless Housefull 4 and Dabangg 3 spring a surprise.

by Unit Manager (33.7k points)
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I think it'll be a good entertainer and a hit. Should be first 200cr for HR. Opening wise it can top 40cr, but won't beat Thugs.

I do agree that Tiger was shown a little too much as having the upper hand, especially after HR stopped his punch.

I don't think it'll be HGOTY.

And the worst nightmare of HR fans would be if Tiger finds out that HR was right, but then HR dies, and Tiger avenges him by completing the mission. But that won't happen, of course

by Editor (81.9k points)
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Average at best. My mistake, I expected alot.

by Production Designer (13.8k points)
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Front loaded movie...
Weekend will be huge.....

Hrithik solid come back

by Executive Producer (63.7k points)

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