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The talks were on with James Cameron too but Bhaijaan insisted Cameron to stay on course with Avatar sequel & that he would Grace the film with his cameo, if & only if Cameron casts his friend Govinda.

Even a call came from Christopher Nolan too but Salman Khan had forgotten his phone at home & Nolan didn't had the landline number.
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Lol never thought this post will be by you @suhas

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On a side note according to Himesh mankad it could be Noentry 2
Salman's last Hgoty in comedy genre

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0 votes it 1st april today?

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Intelligence is about the choice you make and Salman has made right choices for 30 years.And you miss some and win some but he has survived against all odds, those experts who troll Salman will remain trollers and Salman will remain a hero of million hearts as has been.

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Hahahahahahahaa. Too much fun

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I don't think Spielberg's, Nolan's & Cameron's standard have gone down to do this.

BTW turns out that Govinda news was true so joke is on those who made fun of him, shame on them..!!

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It's like a circus with all these speculations as to which film he will do. I'm sure he will sign Kick 2.

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